Are corporate espionage, cheating, human rights abuses not damaging the reputation of India?

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A look at the double standards of powerful officials who are involved in cheating, resume theft and corporate espionage, who refuse to acknowledge their mistake, and complain when their victim will protest against their fraud

Corrupt officials are actually damaging the reputation of India

A brilliant harmless obc engineer, webmaster and domain investor finds that she has been repeatedly defamed without proof, cheated, exploited and harassed for years, with no one helping her to get a fair deal or justice of any kind . She has contacted officials in all possible governmemt departments from ministry of finance, women and child welfare, home ministry, human rights commission, yet she continues to be ruthlessly cheated, exploited and harassed. When she complains about the frauds who have cheated, the cunning ruthless fraud officials who have cheated and exploited her, complain that she is damaging the reputation of India.
Which rule in India allows these officials to cheat, exploit and steal the resume of a obc engineer? If she protests against powerful officials breaking rules, why are these officials taking offense? Either these officials should inform of the clause which allows government officials to cheat,exploit and steal the resume of harmless civilians without a court order, or let the news of their misdeeds and atrocities be published worldwide

A brilliant obc engineer, webmaster and domain investor finds that a lazy greedy goan cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who she made the mistake of trusting commited corporate espionage on her, and steals data daily, The ruthless fraud siddhi also falsely claimed to do all the work online, to get great powers, a lucrative government job, allegedly in R&AW, falsely claiming that the inexperienced goan cheater siddhi has the twenty years experience, qualification of the obc engineer she cheated. Instead of being punished for her crime, why has the goan fraud siddhi been given so many powers for her crime, can these image conscious officials explain

Similarly the shivalli brahmin bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar cheated the obc engineer of more than $1800 providing content which did not pass copyscape. After pocketing the hard earned money of the obc engineer, the cunning brahmin fraud nayanshree has refused to reply, and bengaluru cybercrime has refused to take action against the brahmin cheater due to casteism and nepotism despite providing all proof. When it is has become difficult for a cheating victim to get justice, why does she not have the right to recover her hard earned money?

To further humiliate the obc engineer, a powerful official infatuated with the goodlooking brahmin cheater nayanshree has falsely claimed that she has the impressive resume of the brilliant obc engineer to get her a job allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the OBc engineer she cheated, Now these fraud officials are falsely claiming that their darling cheater nayanshree is providing all the content for the obc engineer, when actually there is no connection at all, as nayanshree has refused to reply to the obc engineer. Why has the lazy greedy fraud nayanshree been rewarded for cheating, giving her credit for the revenues of the obc engineer she cheated?

Additionally the harmless obc engineer finds that the powerful officials in the indian internet sector are falsely that the lazy greedy goan frauds riddhi siddhi, bsc obc sunaina, BBM nayanshree, veena, ruchika, asmita patel and others, own her domain names, Paypal account, to defame her socially and professionally, deny her fundamantal rights, divert and steal her correspondence, subject her to human rights abuses daily causing great pain, memory loss and making it difficult to work. How does India benefit if tax payer money is wasted daily to stalk and attack a harmless exporter, making it difficult for her to earn a fair living?

Are the cruel animal like officials who commit human rights abuses on harmless civilians daily, forcing them to protest online and offline not damaging the reputation of India? Can these daily atrocities be justified in an open debate, why the harmless woman is being beaten up daily? Victims of frauds like Speakasia, Saradha have complained , are brilliant obc engineer from top colleges expected to keep quiet when fraud powerful well connected women and powerful officials ruthlessly defame, cheat, exploit and harass her for years.
If the officials are really concerned about the damage to the reputation of India, can they answer the questions satisfactorily, provide proof of the malicious allegations they are making against her, the obc engineer will stop complaining. If not she will continue to fight for the fundamental rights guaranteed to every citizen of India .


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