Are we getting an accurate picture of realities?

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Every stake holder is making utmost effort to mutilate the situation that could promote its interests. So it is very clear that we will never get the realities on the ground in this area.

Taliban and media

We are not getting the accurate picture of the realities on the ground in spite of the fact that it is the front page news story of every newspaper and journal. The very title of the essay is one of the proofs that we are unable to receive truth .The very first supposition that there is surge in Taliban support is very wrong. It is due to the same reason that situation is not clear and media is presenting it according to the wishes of their donors or governments. I can certainly bet that there is no surge in support for Taliban in Pakistan. The military operation in swat and other tribal areas is not begetting support for the Taliban. Although there was a time when the people of Pakistan were somewhat aligned to the local Islamists and fighters that are mistakenly called Taliban even by the government of Pakistan, but the situation in swat altered the feeling and emotions of the people. The fanaticism of a few demagogues became the cause of the trouble for so many a people. Due to their unwise policies and playing second fiddle to the agencies millions of people are in great trouble, displaced, shelter and foodless under the open skies of their own country.Baitullah Mehsood, Fazllullah and company have no deep roots in the common people .they are disliked by the people of their own areas. These are media personnel's who are making them leader and paving the way for the enemies of Pakistan to destabilize this state. The picture is always unclear. Although media should be and wishfully think too that it is opinion leader but in the war situations it lags far behind this task. Instead of becoming a leader it misguides the people and mix gal in the minds and hearts of the innocent people opposing each other. Are we getting the true picture of the situation in swat and Taliban insurgency in Pakistan?
Although the modern media has claimed that it knows each and every thing even the underneath causes but it is not more than a claim. Media gets information from the sources and these sources are the men who are working for more than one agency at the same time. So they do not tell the whole story to the media that contacts them. This is one reason that we are not getting the true picture of the situation.
The second is the official control over information. Only one side of the picture and that is too in mutilated form is presented. The true picture is never revealed and especially in Pakistan that has become a play ground of many agencies national and international. The media tell us the thing that is told to it by these agencies and that is poured only for getting covert objects. For example there is an involvement of Indian intelligence agency RAW. A common Pakistani can understand that the exploitation on religious basis is always done by some agency. It is one example of involvement of foreign agencies; all the friends and foes of Pakistan are fishing in the troubled waters and trying to get undue advantage. The ultimate result of this exploitation is that we are never able to get closer to the realities on the ground. Each and every state or agency involved in this area is explaining situation according to its own objects.
The involvement of so many stakes is debarring the world to get realities on the ground. Every stake holder is making utmost effort to mutilate the situation that could promote its interests. So it is very clear that we will never get the realities on the ground in this area.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
21st Dec 2013 (#)

most interesting this akran..I do not believe we ever are given the true picture of anything anymore ..although this sort of thing has been going on since early Christian days and before I am sure...

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