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Humanities disciplines are not given equal importance in India. People opt for either Science or Commerce. People must realize the potential of the Humanities courses..

The potential of the Humanities.

Well this has been in my mind for a long time now. And i happen to see an article about it on a local newspaper. It got me seriously thinking and i came across few points.

First let me go about what is humanities. Basically humanities are acadenic discplines that study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences.

Most schools in india, including several large schools no longer offer the humanities stream. It is either-or choice between Science or commerce. This saddens me because a lot of potential talent is probably lost here. The reason stated for this condition is demand according to the article. According to the article most of the students later in the future want to go for the professional courses. Therefore, they see no point in studying History or English.

Compounding this sorry confusion is the fact that the humanities do not know how to create a market for themselves. They seem to lack the language — though this is changing at other levels.

In reality there is now an explosion of options for those wanting to pursue the humanities at college level — more and different sorts of courses, some of them quasi-professional. There is also a relatively greater range of careers that have suddenly become possible and okay to pursue: film-making, publishing, teaching, journalism, advertising, digital animation, design and so on. If, at the outset, you know exactly what you want to do, the key is to zone in on the course that best suits your particular interest.

If all you know is that you are a “humanities” person, it might make sense to opt for a more broad-based Humanities education before branching off into your field of interest.


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