Are you going to vote or what?

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I found out that many aren't voting and haven't been voting so that is why the bad guys get in the office cause you're not voting.

Are you going to vote

Are you going to get out your vote for the new president? I know lots of you have and will but there are some of you out there are not voting and haven't been voting. I know cause I asked and I have work at rallies trying to get the voters out and try to get them to vote. Yes, your vote does count and you do make a difference. Your voice does count and it sure will put those that aren't wanting to be a good president away from the race. Maybe they will drop out cause many of us don't like them or maybe they just think they're not right for us. For some reasons, we do count. All of our voices do count and can make a huge difference in today's corrupted world. We need you to get out there and vote and tell us who you are voting for and why please. I'll tell you that I'm voting for Hillary because she has so much experiences during the Clinton's presidency and her husband did good because a lot of it was her work and she cares for you genuinely unlike these others liars that just want the fame.

Who are you voting for and why

Please comment on who are you voting for and why. Do you have a solid good reason why you're supporting that person and believe with all of your heart that he or she will do a good job because America can't wait any longer. We are in a big mess and we need help. While many family lose their jobs, home, some are just happy going on golfing trips in the white house. They just don't care. It seems like they care more about foreign countries than they do at their home land. We need to bring jobs back from other countries too because it looks like the jobs are going oversea and they belong to us. We could use them surely in all of our states. We need someone who really cares about the people of this country and someone who has experiences and who will do a good job. So, tell me who are you voting for and why? And don't vote just because you have to, vote because your voice will change America.

are they our king

Personally, I think Trump, Hillary, the surgeon and Bernie are good candidates so far. But my favorite is probably Hillary cause she loves us and she will do a good job, and she had done and she can, and maybe she will be our next president, and I'm just having a good feeling about her. But whatever that you're doing, make sure to get your votes out and learn for sure why you're certain about your candidates. Questions to ask yourself are : are they going to do the job, are they good enough, have enough experiences, into the people or themselves, and are they good enough to be king of the one of the most advance nation out there? They're kings and queens right? Yes. And by those standards they have to measure up greatly or else you should pick another person. Is someone who is full of scandals, and into their own fame be the king? No. Absolutely not. The king has more grace and intelligence than the rest of us and that's why they're out the King.


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20th Oct 2015 (#)

I will, you don't vote don't complain!

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