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Fela Kuti, the founder of Afro-Beat, suffered extreme persecution by the Nigerian state. In Europe, our increasingly repressive masters are targeting a new generation of songwriters and performers for even more sinister reasons.

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Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (1938-97) - known as Fella - was a controversial figure who was said to have been arrested over two hundred times. On one occasion, the Nigerian Army raided a performance of a Fella musical, a semi-literate officer shouted “Arrest the music!” and the men under his command began seizing musical instruments.

Since the Dark Continent was decolonised, we have come to take that sort of thing for granted the length and breadth of Africa. Thankfully we have yet to see such tyranny inflicted on musicians in our so-called European democracies, but there are those both inside and outside of government who are intent on using the law to shut up those whom they find distasteful for whatever reason, and of late they have been flexing their muscles.

If you haven’t heard of drill music, that is hardly surprising, it is a sub-genre of rap, rap itself being three quarters of a word, but just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean others don’t have a right to. Horses for courses, and all that.

In November last year, five members of 1011, a drill group, based in West London, were arrested on suspicion of planning an attack on a rival group. They had in their possession a number of weapons which they claimed were props for a music video. Whether or not that claim was true, they ended up pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent, described by one newspaper as a lesser charge - one that carries a possible maximum term of life imprisonment!

Not satisfied with locking them up, the Metropolitan Police decided they wanted to shut them up as well; they sought and were granted a court order that is absolutely Draconian. This order includes: they must not encourage violence on social media - what does that mean? Must not mention named postcodes in a gang context - what is a gang context? (Best not to mention postcodes at all). They must notify the police within 24 hours of releasing new videos. Seriously? And give 48 hours warning of the date and location of any performance or recording, and permit officers to attend. Presumably without buying tickets. Understandably, civil libertarians are as unhappy with these conditions as the band members themselves undoubtedly are.

Before moving on to chanteuse Alison Chabloz, we should briefly mention three other cases that likewise beggar belief. In Spain, the rapper Valtonyc was recently sentenced to three years behind bars for, according to the BBC: “producing lyrics the Spanish courts ruled glorify terrorism and insult the Spanish monarchy.”

Valtonyc’s lyrics are freely available; regardless of how badly they translate, it is difficult to see how any court could consider them illegal. Any court in a country that had any pretence to freedom of speech, that is. Last month, in Turkey, the rapper known as Ezhel was arrested for “promoting drug use”. His arrest was followed shortly by the arrest of Khontkar on a similarly absurd pretext.

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Disturbing though the cases of 1011, Valtonyc, Kkontkar and Ezhel may be, the persecution of Alison Chabloz is far more sinister. Her name is pronounced Shab-blow with emphasis on the first syllable, a relic of her marriage to a Swiss national. Miss Chabloz spent some time in Egypt which is where she appears to have become rather closely acquainted with the Israel-Palestine conflict, or the Zionist rape of Palestine as it is often called more objectively. On her return to the UK she composed a number of songs that to put it mildly did not endear her to the hardcore Zionist element, including (((Survivors))), a satirical ditty set to the tune of Hava Nagila.

The man who appears to have taken the most offence is Gideon Falter of the so-called Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter is so far off the planet that he has even smeared Jews as anti-Semites including the musician Gilad Atzmon and the left wing anti-Zionist Jew Tony Greenstein. While he has little or nothing to say about the senseless slaughter of Palestinians by the IDF - which might just be grist to the mill for genuine anti-Semites - he fired off a missive to Derbyshire Police as soon as (((Survivors))) came to his attention. Although this is not the only supposedly anti-Semitic song for which Miss Chabloz was taken to court, it is worth examining in some detail.

(((Survivors))) is basically an attack on three people, two of them dead. Most people who have done their homework - who do not include Miss Chabloz - would agree the attack on the father of the iconic Anne Frank was unwarranted, but the recently deceased Elie Wiesel and the very much alive Irene Zisblatt have serious credibility issues. Zisblatt’s lies and exaggerations have been documented by no lesser person than Steven Spielberg. Although like Hillary Clinton the mainstream media gave him a blanket pass, Elie Wiesel died leaving some serious questions unanswered, like was he really a concentration camp inmate or even who he said he was? These are not questions posed by the usual anti-Semites, former concentration camp inmate Miklos Grüner was Wiesel’s staunchest critic. Miss Chabloz alludes to the “tattoo controversy” in (((Survivors))).

Initially, the legal authorities refused to act against Miss Chabloz, but after Falter’s so-called charity initiated a private prosecution, they pursued her with some vigour. You will find interviews with the lady herself and other objective reports of her persecution all over the Web. Alison Chabloz was convicted last month, against the evidence, and wisely given a suspended sentence this month that she intends to appeal.

It has to be said that on occasion, even mainstream songwriters have fallen foul of the censor in the UK. In 1972, Paul McCartney found his band Wings denied BBC airplay for Give Ireland Back To The Irish (which could just as easily have been banned on aesthetic grounds), and of course many songs have been banned from the radio and TV due to their sexual content, but this is a new low in the land that gave the world Magna Carta.

As usual, people who are intent on destroying our freedoms hide behind various pretexts. In the case of 1011 there may be an arguable case for some restrictions, but Gideon Falter appears to think that by using the power of the state to shut up those he considers to be anti-Semites, he is somehow fighting anti-Semitism. Regardless of the fact that bigotry is not a disease and so cannot be fought as such, all he has really succeeded in doing in the long term is convincing less intelligent people than Miss Chabloz that anytime Jews shout jump, the police and state prosecutors ask “How high?”


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