Ashton Kutcher is Destroying Two and a Half Men

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This is the story of a man named Charlie Sheen, who stars as the highest paid actor on television in a brilliant sitcom called Two and a Half Men. He's fired for his USUAL behaviour and because the creator and network executives chuck a tantrum. Ashton Kutcher is brought in. Show sucks a lot compared to before, like REALLY sucks. The End.

You're not that bad, Ashton, it's just Charlie's MUCH better

Let's be kind - and also accurate - first by giving Ashton some credit. He is one of those actors whose talent is reasonable for their celebrity status (on the other hand, half the cast of Gossip Girl's aren't). He played Michael on That 70's with a lot of flair and gusto. But to fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen in a role that Charlie Sheen was MADE to play is a completely story. And, yes, I'm well aware that Ashton's character is an entirely different one than before. Even so, it doesn't fill the deep void left in the wake of Charlie's meltdown exit from the show.

The show's creator Chuck Lorre, despite the idiotic brain explosion of firing his star in the first place, has at least made enough from the current Kutcher format to make it rival and surpass most sitcoms you'll see on TV. That is beside the point, though. The show as it stands is grossly inferior to what came before

Double Standards

Charlie Sheen has a controversy rap-sheet longer than the list of excuses Rosie O'Donnell uses not to go on a diet. Even in his breakout years in the mid to late 1980s, his issues and predilections were known to those he was working with. Two and a Half Men started some years into the 2000's. Surely Chuck Lorre and the studio weren't aware of this, they must be as blind as a monkey still alive after drinking methanol.

To say Charlie's latest crises are worse than ever before avoids the fact that it should have been in the minds of those around him that this could reasonably happen. What have we heard in the weeks and months since his firing of what was actually done to prevent his behaviour? Sure, no one can take responsibility for his actions per se, but why was he wilfully left to get to this position? If he was my cash cow on my show, I'd certainly have an interest in keeping him on my show, enough to make sure he could still perform his job role.

Nonetheless, I'm forgetting the reality that Chuck Lorre and others were quite happy to have Charlie play a vagabond, womanising, presumably substance-abusing bachelor living in Malibu and then seemed so shocked when he started acting the same way as the character effectively based on him.

One word: bizarre.


I'm sorry, Ashton, I've been harsh on you. Yes, you suck on the show compared to Charlie. But if I was offered about $1 million per episode to take another guy's place, I wouldn't care how much I bit the dust compared to my predecessor.

The real bone I - and all Two and a Half Men fans across the world - have to pick is with Chuck Lorre and the bonehead studio executives who fired him.


We love you, Charlie.


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author avatar Jojay
1st Dec 2011 (#)

Loved your article. I agree with you that Aston is not bad in the role, but the writing is so bad--- juvenile, predicable, and boring. I'm no fan of Sheen but after seeing the new Two And a Half men, I'm ready to join Sheen's fan club! I don't know what the writers should have done with the show, but know this much, they should NOT have tried to duplicate the original premise with Ashton in the role. It just doesn't work.

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author avatar Denise O
12th Dec 2011 (#)

I have to to also say, the writing sucks! I loved the supporting cast actually (most of the time) better than Charlie himself. I wish they would have upped their roles a bit more. I have to get back to the writing, did I mention, it sucks!
To make Ashton's character as a dumbed down rich boy, is not that far fetched. Just take away the money and you have his character in that 70's show. This was a must see show for me for years, was it because of Charlie Sheen, to be fair, some what but, the main reason was the writing and the supporting cast. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Leo D
28th Dec 2011 (#)

Good lord, one should learn from Mr. Lorre how to take a great show and fuck it up head to toe. With all respect am sure Lorre was justified if felt offended by Sheen's comments. But this is showbiz Mr. Lorre, shit happens all the time, you don't throw professionalism out of the window and ruin the continuity of a great show. Still, there is not much harm done yet. The damage is still repairable if Charlie is brought back somehow. Think about it, it takes a big man to realize and rectify his errors.

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author avatar Anonperson
4th Apr 2014 (#)

lol your english is terrible and thats comming from someone who's flunked an english course or two.

Articles written by third world hacks will be the death of newsmen as computers will write all future articles and i must say at least they will be able to SPELL.

EXAMPLE - from paragraph #2

But to fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen in a role that Charlie Sheen was MADE to play is a completely story.

is it really completely story or are you just another third world hack ?

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