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Your mother is formidable, for your teenager you are the eighth wonder of the world, your friends call you a business woman ... and instead passes completely unnoticed in the office! He holds up his head, showing his teeth and put forward!

1) Be aware of your skills

How do you want others to realize your own value if you're not too confident? Do not be afraid to congratulate yourself when you complete the tasks you were assigned and make regular reports of the ideas and solutions that have been able to offer. The others are not necessarily better than you, they can only get in better light!
Do not hesitate to go in front of the mirror and repeat "I do my job well, I have completed numerous assignments .

2) Exit from anonymity

Abandoned in the middle of open space or hidden beside the door, your desk and you almost do not see .... even less! Six student to diligently and never come late, but nothing more. To overcome this situation, without notice! During the refresh (retirement, holiday season, launching a new product ...) tries to get closer to the various above:
- Discuss with them the practices that you are dealing at that time and informed of the vacancies in other areas of your business.
- Informal your future plans and ambitions of your ... when there will be someone to promote you remember you!
- Do not hesitate to talk about the news of the moment. Warning! We're not talking about gossip desk, but useful information for your business: that new product that is about to launch a certain Japanese company, the last American way of working that seems to be really effective ...

3) Show you have initiative

- Replace the word problem with solution, your superiors will appreciate! If a complicated situation presents itself, think of a possible solution and do not forget to offer it to others. It will be even better if you can propose more than one solution: who's in front will have the option to choose, and you'll see that you have thought seriously on this issue.
- When you're at work, use a bit of your time to find useful information or ideas that you have some advantages in the office. To do this, browse the Internet, read the trade press and argue with people who work in your own area.
- Maximum responsiveness: if your boss to entrust a task, get the commitment to complete it as quickly as possible, if someone looking for a new project, Volunteer .

4) Intervene in meetings

Stop making the scribbles on notebook and pretend to be following the mind instead of thinking about the next weekend with your boy! From now on, the watchword is to intervene, of course, to the point.
- Prior to the meeting agenda to communicate the facts and look for information on the topics to be addressed.
- If you have a proposal to make, do not just whisper to those around you but especial clearly in front of everyone.
- To argue with your proposals, and provide statistics of the percentages obtained from reliable sources and proposed to send all mail after the meeting.

5) Give the tracks

- Is that you found a way to get that contract, but there is no proof and if your boss takes all the credit! When he crossed into the elevator, say slyly, "I'm happy to see that he appreciated my ideas for the contract XX, I read an article in The New York Times ..."
- You have many ideas to propose? They make a detailed list and send it via email to your boss. Do not you say? Ask him if he received your proposals, again for mail ...
In practice, when you propose something you have to leave the physical evidence that can bring you clearly!


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author avatar Denise O
19th Mar 2011 (#)

Really good tips for both men and women in a business setting. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar francesco
19th Mar 2011 (#)

Thank You :-)

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