Average wages for proffessional sportsmen 2010

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You're going to jack in your career to become an athlete and rake in the millions, well here's how best to choose your noble proffession.

The figures to make your mouth water or hair stand on end

Any person not under a rock knows that proffessional sportsmen in our society are paid vast sums of money to ply their trade on the national and world stage for everyone to see, gladly accepting the tidy paycheques to enable them to live a life as a celebrity in a mansion on the hill. Here are just a slice of some of the numbers involved to help you choose should you decide to uproot for a life of sweat and adoration:


The average wage for a Premier League Footballer in England during the 2008/9 season was £1.1 million a year and a different source states the figure for the 2009/10 season at £1.5 million annually. All that to kick and ball about for 90 minutes.


Tennis players much like other sports don't have wages but rather tournament winnings, and Wimbledon as the pinnacle tournament pays out as listed:
Singles Champions - £1,000,000
Singles Runner-up - £500,000
Doubles Winners (per pair) - £240,000
Doubles Runner-up (per pair) - £120,000
And as you go down the rounds the money is halved each time until the initial stages where if you exit at the first round you receive a modest £11,250


To swing a club and gently stroll to where you hit the little white ball, or ride in a splendid cart. One of the more revered proffessions and certainly if you've got an eye on the future one to take up should you still plan on working when your skin starts to lose that snug fit. The US Open pays out from a total kitty of $7,500,000 of which the winner receives $1,350,000 (£4.8 million and £865,000 roughly)


A favourite of burly men the world over, the only sport for real men in their eyes, they would be disapointed to learn the truth about their towering hulks and how the cash seems to be being diverted elsewhere. The average Rubgy Union Premiership player receives on average £75,000-£80,000 a year, and if you are talking Rugby League the sum drops to £30,000 - £60,000 annually.

American Football

The Americans leading sport named after the worlds most popular sport. Televised across the richest nation in the world with culmination games such as the superbowl broadcast across the globe, the players receive for their exploits an average base salary which stood in 2009 for an NFL player at $990,000 (£634,000 roughly).

Formula One

Hairing around a track miles long in mere minutes in some of the fastest cars in the world. You'd need nerves of steel, instant reactions, ability to improve on a performance constantly, bullish arrogance to shut the door to anyone brave enough to try and outbreak you into a corner, and the ever present competative edge and desire to win above all else. Not too much to ask really, and should you fit that bill you'd make on average £3.9 million in 2009's season, provided that you wern't one of the drivers actually paying for the privilage to race.


Reading these figures it just highlights the imbalance in how money is distributed to proffessions, as no doctor makes that kind of money with a UK consultants wage anywhere between £74,504 and £176,242 for what I would vehemently argue is more a important job and undeniably harder and more skilled work. To go with my example further, should a doctor make a mistake it could potentially cost them their career, but for a sportsman to make a mistake it may cost them a game or a match, give their career a setback or merely a loss in possession which counts for nothing.
But the justifications are easy to understand. Sport is entertainment, and entertainment is one of the most profitable areas of society with the film industry highly lucretive if you work in the right field, the music industry draws a phenominal sum of money as we shell out for our favourite artists each year and can't pass up seeing them live, and even comedians charge large sums to pack out an arena and laugh you silly for an hour or so.
A great deal of us enjoy one sport or another with plenty of people slotting into the realm of the passionate for a team or a player. Numbers could never be called into question regarding fans as the greatest club competition on the planet for football, the champions league, drew 109 million viewers worldwide for its final.

We complain that football players are paid extortionate amounts, that teams paying tens of millions for a new player is silly money, and it is. But unless you are the most moral hero the planet has ever seen, you tell me that you wouldn't accept that sort money if you were qualified for the job. We all would, and so whilst the money is flowing into the leagues, the players who have made it into the spotlight to stroke a ball about I believe have earned the right to be there and we shouldn't begrudge them that because we would take the opportunity with both hands given the chance. And with that, I wish you the best of luck pursuing your possibly real, probably hypothetical new career as a proffessional sportsman, and don't forget to endorse products till your bank balance is content because if you've made it, you can make an absolute killing.

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