Beheading of a Woman in Saudi arabia

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Beheading is a medieval punishment but is out of tune now with modern times, yet it find a place in the law books of Saudi Arabia

An barbaric act

As a lawyer I wonder in which world Saudi Arabia exists. It’s not a modern world, but an ancient world that existed many centuries ago. It still carries out executions by beheading with a sword. It’s a terrible place and the sad part is that it’s an ally of the USA. I wonder how the USA can be an ally of a nation that lives in the medieval age. Considering that two of the holiest shrines of Islam are located in Saudi Arabia, I as a lawyer am unable to reconcile this with the beheadings carried out by the Saudi government.

I saw a video taken secretly of a woman being executed in Saudi Arabia. It was terrible. The woman’s head and face was covered with a black cloth and the poor lady was shrieking to be spared. She was then beheaded with a sword. The executioner took 3 blows to sever the head. After that he calmly wiped his sword and sheathed it. This is indeed sickening to say the least and the worst part is that these executions are done in public and the people watch. I think they have become so much inured to these barbaric rituals that they have lost the power of protesting. This needs to be stopped and it’s about time the USA acted its part as a world leader.
Come to think of it, is it a world leader? I have seen President Obama in photos bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. I think this is an insult not just to Americans but to humanity. I can’t do much, but my Muslim computer operator in my office , a young girl hopes she never has to go to Saudi Arabia. Incidentally where is that pseudo secular organization called Amnesty international? They are quick to point out when a man is killed in Kashmir, but on such executions , I haven’t heard from them or any campaign launched by them to stop this practice.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Nov 2015 (#)

The world suffers due to the hypocrisy of the powerful.

America intervenes due to altruistic intentions in other countries, but do they have a plan who will come in place when they remove those who do not dance to their tine?

I feel it is internal politics spilling across their borders in the way they act. Now we know what Saddam and Gaddafi were dealing with!
See what happened in Paris!

I recall former Chinese President Zhang Zemin words that their priority was providing basics to their billion people like food and shelter and human rights as interpreted by Amnesty International should wait!

Powerful countries should not flex their muscles through weapons of mass destruction but through hand holding others in distress. They should start with some soul searching if they have one!

Saudi Arabia is one of a kind and one friend started to explain to me how he saw a beheading and I was out of earshot as he began! siva

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author avatar Retired
14th Nov 2015 (#)

I think you are being more than a little unfair to Amnesty International. If you go to their UK home page at the first thing you see is a call to end arms shipments to Saudi Arabia, due to the latter's terrible human rights record.

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author avatar ladybird
15th Nov 2015 (#)

John,maybe, but they are soft on so many things and just pick on India

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author avatar ladybird
15th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you Siva, I respect you a lot

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