Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Tragedy of Inaction

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Twenty years after the horrible gas tragedy at the Union Carbide factory near Bhopal, India, it is reported that Mr Anderson,the honorable CEO of the said MNC was helped in leaving India silently.

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Tragedy of Inaction
brotee mukhopadhyay

Lone voices of disapproval and protests have always been in the air since the night of tragedy at Bhopal. Sometimes the offline and online media have presented fractions of those voices to the readers and viewers. Still most of them and powerful of them care messages of the American media giants more. It is a fact that the political parties of all colors and combination have maintained spectacular indifference as, to them, the tragedy had no such things to contribute which they could convert into raw votes. I should not state that there were no occasional statements from these people. Those were ritualistic and lifeless, and it was clear that these political people were least stirred by the worst-ever industrial tragedy

If Mahatma Gandhi were alive then, he would go for a hunger strike and would demand departure of the entire Union Carbide from the soil of India. Anderson would not have been spared and his Indian lackeys in the shape of ‘ministers’ and ’statesmen’ would not have been spared.
Mr. Anderson is an honorable citizen of America, and he is still in good health. I dare ask if he is one of the humans. I wonder how my good friends of America are sleeping in peace without interrogating Mr. Anderson if he has nothing to state on the unprecedented massacre in a factory which he owned. I wonder why the sane voices of humans from all corners of the globe have not yet been heard like the roaring of thousand seas.
I am unfortunate as I do not have language befitting enough to condemn the Indian politicians.


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