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What makes red light cameras so disturbing is the fact that they are viewed like the government is spying on US citizens just to make money

Big Brother

When George Orwell wrote 1984 little did he realize that 50 years latter the fiction at the time around when 1984 was first published wasn't to far off from the reality of today. This novel discusses the devastating effects of an authoritarian society, where thought crime is illegal, dreams are never realized, hopes are dashed, and passion is meaningless never destined to last. It describes the goal of governments which is to only gain more power and control over societies. Well! guess what. The book that had pretty much summed up the fiction of 1948 is now the actual reality of living today in the good old U.S.A.

Today's realities are filled with technology that is taken right out of George Orwell's vision of the future and incorporated it into everyday life in every city across the country. This technology has infringed and invaded the publics rights. Where tight city budget minded officials will stoop at nothing to gain an unfair advantage over the public. In practically every city in America "Big Brother" is really watching you. You can find "Big Brother" at practically every major intersection and even along main street. Where mounted cameras are purposely set up to entrap unsuspecting citizens into paying outlandish fines for trumped up driving infractions.

Yes people, it's 1984 all over again. "Big Brother is a reality in our lives whether we know it or not. He is watching every move we make. Every city and town there are now cameras poised at intersections, and along main streets prying into the private goings on of everyday citizens. Officials say they are designed to catch real perpetrators of crime. But, most of the time they are no more than city officials acting like Peeping Toms. Those cameras poised at intersections are designed solely for the specific purpose to entrap drivers to make up budget shortfalls in city budgets. Granted there are some drivers who do break the rules of the road and in most instances those that do repeatedly often get pulled over by, yes, a real live police officer. But all too often with those budget cutting so-called public servants at the helm are relying more on "Big Brother" technologies to make up those budget cuts by exaggerating the way most drivers drive.

Those cameras poised to capture driving infractions have steadily increased with every budget that's cut. A simple no right turn on red sign that no one can really see when caught on film unbeknownst to the driver making that right turn will have in their mailbox a week later a traffic citation costing well over $200. The way are courts are set up today leaves little options other than to pay the fine. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You, the unsuspecting driver if you are like me of very limited financial means could be devastating. But, what do our most benevolent city officials car if you can't pay right away. They tack on late charges and suspend your drivers license. Just try to get to work now to pay that traffic ticket. A domino effect of financial instability often results. What our city officials fail to realize is that in their zeal to procure more revenue by targeting drivers using "Big Brother" technologies are inadvertently undermining all our civil liberties.

In Tampa when the RNC converged this past August "Big Brother" technologies created what was perceived as a police state. George Orwell was right all along. Not only surveillance cameras were placed all around the city but in all reality the city was in lock down mode for the duration of the Convention. Still those surveillance cameras and now more are being introduced at more intersections that are actually costing the city much more just to keep them operational. It is quite possible that to defray those incurring operating costs cities are sanctioning more entrapping methods of relatively innocent unsuspecting drivers in which doctored photos show a driving infraction. All for the specific purpose to support "Big Brother" technologies that really have no place in our free society.

Just think of a future today if and when more "Big Brother technologies become more obtrusive an invasive in our everyday life right here in the United States. Is it a future you want? I for one don't want any part of a future that employees Peeping Toms that invade every person's private lives. How about you?


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author avatar Johnny Knox
21st Jun 2013 (#)

Interesting views that in the light of the recent NSA scandal become much more relevant. Nice article.

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