Bill Ayers, Domestic Terrorist: Why Is He a Professor and Free?

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Bill Ayers and his wife are America's confirmed domestic terrorists; so why are thy free and more importantly why are they Professors indoctrinating college kids with liberal and anti-American agenda.

Bill Ayers, Domestic Terrorist: Is He a Wolf or a Snake?

The question is, which animal is Bill Ayers? Is he a wolf or a snake? It's possible he could be both. The fact that he is a domestic terrorist is a documented fact; he himself has admitted to the bombings he and his group carried out. But what is inexplicable is why is he free and why was he involved as a Professor in University of Chicago for decades. His wife, another member of his terrorist group is a law professor in Northwestern, another liberal university in Chicago. In fact, most universities in America are extremely left leaning or liberal euphemistically speaking. Nonetheless, what is troubling is that criminals like Bill Ayers are allowed in positions of influence in America’s colleges and universities where they regularly dish out defunct agendas of socialism and communism.

Even worse is Bill Ayers’ unremorseful nature. Whatever Bill Ayers protested as a member of SDF or Weather Underground, he has conveniently forgotten his ‘ideals’ in the face of good old capitalism. He has not contented to retire quietly but has chosen to make money off his nefarious activities and ideology. What could be more capitalist than turning your crimes into gold? Surely, he is living the very life he despised or pretended to! In University in Chicago, Bill Ayers earned a hefty salary. This was the same individual protesting America’s atrocities around the world yet he was willing to give up his ideals just for a few years so that he could live well the capitalist way, the way of evil rich men, ones who feed off the poor and fatten themselves!

As a college professor, Bill Ayers was able to churn out entire broods of anti-American revolutionaries, regular batches of wide eyed college kids! Which student would not be captivated by evil especially one that professes and twists truth into an unrecognizable entity? As a Professor of English, Ayers preached his true subject of perfidy and deceit. He is indeed America’s dagger-in-the-back phenomenon. America’s colleges and universities are full of them; of left over revolutionaries from the 60s and 70s, the ones who lapped up dying communist and socialist philosophies around the world. Bill Ayers is only one of many other such America-haters. Surely he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nonetheless in his role as a teacher, Bill Ayers performs a worse deviant role than that of a terrorist; he is a teacher of propaganda done with ample of sprinkling of hate and death to the very country that provides his living! Bill Ayers could qualify to be a snake as well.


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author avatar Retired
6th Jul 2014 (#)

Very well written article--dramatic and intense. I don't know anything about the subject matter - so no comments on the political content. I can say, for's expressive and effective writing.

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author avatar Utah Jay
6th Jul 2014 (#)

I agree with you, and he is not the only one turning out terrorist, That Churchhill guy from Colorado is almost as bad, its just that he didn't blow anyone up...Great article.

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