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This is an article discussing the actions of a private US military firm, and if they are right. My views towards this firm is that there actions are wrong. See for yourself if you think their actions are against Democracy

Is Blackwater in the Wrong?

I believe that black water is in the wrong, and this viedo says they cannot be prosecuted for there wrongs.
The Army. the Air force. The Navy. These are all parts of our army, but what you might not realize is that these parts of our army call on private companies to help them in the battlefield. One of these companies is Blackwater USA. There are laws in warfare. Many people don't realize that the most prominent law was established in 1949 at the fourth Geneva Convention in 1949. This law states that a combatant in a war cannot harm civilians no matter what side of the war they are on

Blackwater continues to break this law, and because the people working for Blackwater are not U.S. soldiers the U.S. cannot punish these people. Blackwater is killing people in Iraq. You may say that this is war, but how would you feel if someone walked into the square of your city and killed 17 random people not soldiers.

This has happened in Iraq. On September 16, 2007 An Armored car pulled into Nisor square and killed 17 people and wounded 24 more. One of those people was a child named Ahmed was one of the fatalities; he was on his way to the hospital with his mother, and they died before they could ever make it.

You might say that 17 people that is not many at all right? Well think about it if you died in a shooting tomorrow how many sad people would you leave behind; now multiply that sadness by 17. This is not the only time that Blackwater has needlessly killed.

A Mohamed Kinani was going out on that fateful day in September. He was on his way to his families' auto part shop. but before he could leave his son Ali came out and asked if he could comed along Mohammed said sure, and they never got to their destination. Ali was shot in the head before they could get there. Ali Mohamed Hafedh Kinan would never walk again he was nine years old, and he is the youngest reported killing that Blackwater made.

After the killing the father flew to Washington to testify in front of a grand jury, and the Blackwater guards were convicted of manslaughter. Even with his successful conviction I am sure that this father will never forget the loss of his nine year old son.



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