Breaking News! Gaddafi Shot In The Head:The Dictator Odyssey

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Read on about the oddity of getting rid of dictators and which oil companies one shouldn't invest in if sleeping well at night is important to you.

Petty bloated frauds lying cold in the gutter...and a list of the top 10 evil oil companies who lined Gaddafi's pockets...

Who are these petty men, frauds to the bitter end who live with grandeur only to crawl out of a rat hole to be shot in the head? Most end up as bloated bodies lying cold in the gutter. The power of oil gave "dicts" like Hussein and Gaddafi the power to commit crimes against humanity. Should the people who paid for Libyan Oil be held responsible for how it was spent and the lives that were killed as a result? Some say yes.

Who gave the most money to Gaddafi and how can they be held responsible?

Below list a list of the top 10 contributors who lined Gaddafi's pockets listed in order of highest percentage of total oil.

2. OMV

Most don't think the appropriate action of penalty for filling up your gas tank at a Conoco or Total gas station is to immediately go out buy a rope and hang yourself.

Here is my suggestion: sell your Libyan gas guzzling SUV then take that money and spend a little more than you ought on an electric car.

I believe the spacial phenomena of the small cramping electric car and the raping feel of spending that much money could serve as appropriate penance. After all, sleeping at night is better than lying awake smoking smooth delicious Swiss Bend Dunhills.

If buying an electric car doesn't make you feel better then I am sure they do sell rope at any local Walmart. But then again... it may be a push... because as you are hanging there... thoughts of tiny... Chinese... fingers... may pop into your mind before you loose consciousness. You know what I am talking about, the ones used to clean the pistons in those Chinese rope making machines.

You may also feel a tinge of guilt about the Libyan oil that was used to ship your hangin rope all the way to America. And then a little more guilt about the Libyan Oil used to truck it from the coast all the way to your local union busting Walmart or Sam's Club. Just kidding. I'm not actually condoning mass suicide.

Come back to Wikinut for more of my fun writing and more importantly to check and see if Gaddafi is still dead.

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