Britain allowed three parents babies

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The British House has approved a new fertilization method, which is a rare genetic disease can be eliminated. Not only for religious groups is an ethical boundary crossed with the "three-parent baby."

Britain allowed three parents babies

For some, it is the "three-parent baby" is a medical breakthrough, with a rare hereditary disease can be eliminated, for others an ethical limit is exceeded, behind which lurk not less than the customized child? For about five years to discuss the British, not least in several expert and ethics committees, whether the controversial reproductive intervention should be allowed. On Tuesday, now hit the lower house to find in a liberated from party discipline voting decision. After a serious and fair debate, a majority of 382 MEPs (128 votes against) for the approval to the method.

The (at Newcastle University developed) fertilization technique allows the inheritance of "mitochondrial" with a stop foreign female DNA. The disease, which is transmitted from the mother to the embryo, is rooted in a genetic defect that the metabolic processes in mitochondria - adversely affected - the so-called "powerhouse of the cell." The damage that mostly affects the nervous and muscular system, but also the brain and the heart, become apparent already at an early age and lower life expectancy dramatically.

In the UK, was written several times about the case Sharon Bern Andi, the seven children lost due to illness. Experts estimate that in the UK every year, 150 parents would benefit from the modified in vitro fertilization, in which the DNA of the parents is combined with healthy mitochondria of a strange woman.

Not only religious groups warned of a dam failure. The organization "Human Genetics Alert" is concerned that the new fertilization variant. In the last, week criticized both the Anglican and the Catholic Church, the method, if only because it is accompanied by the destruction of embryos. If the necessary regulations and safeguards are guaranteed, wills the "stand behind" Church of England, he told the BBC.

"Case-by-case approvals"

Proponents of fertilization technique emphasize the relief of affected mothers and indicate that the DNA would "not substantive" changes. The foreign DNA did not affect the identity of the newborn, neither in size or color of eyes still on intelligence or musicality. The method enables alone that the batteries are working.
The Conservative Health Minister Jane Ellison, who presented the bill on Tuesday in the House and applied, promised strict regulations and "case-by-case approvals." She refused to name the new technology as "genetic modification. The Labour MP Robert Flello recalled that the House did not have to act; it would not be about the initial release of genetic modification.

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5th Feb 2015 (#)

Once again, the United Kingdom leads the way and leaves the rest of the world trailing in its wake!

This is a really important breakthrough that could lead to the end of the heartache felt by the parents of severely handicapped children.

The vote in the Commons was, however, only the first step. The Lords have yet to approve the measure, and it probable that the bishops in the Lords will express disapproval.

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