Bullying has gotten out of control.

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Kids bullying kids, adults bullying other adults; I mean, what the hell is wrong with people?

Bullying, why isn't anyone stopping this?

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading about different people being the victims of bullying be they adult or child. The thing that pisses me off the most is that people are allowing this to go on, I mean a little kid was recently put into a coma because of a bully, and him being bullied; the only question I have to ask is what is this child's parents doing about it or what do they intend to do to the person or people responsible for doing this? Back when I was growing up, I got bullied too but in time I stood up to those doing it, and today those same people are way worse off than me so I guess I got the last laugh karma wise. Case in point, a young girl was recently driven to suicide because she was being horrifically bullied by other girls not to mention a few guys as well. Another case scenario, back when I was at Indiana State University, my academic counselor who was my mentor and today she's a second mother to me used to tell me how despite the fact that she's in her late 50's, she faces some ostracism from some of her colleagues there for different things but she doesn't get bullied at all. You know the more I read about bullying, and the people who suffer because of it, the more angry it makes me. It just makes me want to find all of the ones doing the bullying and rip their heads off completely and put them in a hospital bed in critical condition so they can see what its like. I mean this is getting ridiculous, nowadays people are telling the kids getting bullied to develop an outer shell or just stand up to them or my personal favorite just ignore them but the parents, and other authority figures don't know exactly how the child feels when they get bullied; things are different than they were 20, 30 or even 50 years ago. It shouldn't take a child bringing a gun to school, and killing their tormentors in order for the child to finally have peace. It shouldn't take all of that and it probably wouldn't come to that if the parental figures and authorities do their damn jobs and protect those kids from getting bullied to keep this kind of thing from happening. Personally, when the tormentors get killed and their parents are at the funeral crying and balling their eyes out because their child was killed for bullying another kid. I just want to be right there, turn to them and yell "SHUT UP! You don't have any business crying because he's dead, it's your fault he is because you didn't do your job as a parent so he got what he deserved". It's a crime that people let this go on, and say that there's nothing they can do about it which is total bull; they fear retribution and that fear keeps them silent. My message, get off your asses and do something about this, it doesn't make any sense for a kid to live in a world where he or she is scared to go to places like school or even the neighborhood playground. You want to help your child then do more than just tell them that it's going to be okay or its going to get better because it won't unless something is done.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2013 (#)

Strong emotions here, but bullying is bad for society as a whole. Parents of perpetrator and the victim should chip in to tackle the issue to nip it in the bud - siva

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