Burglary Losses Top Cyber ​​Security in the Asia

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The impact of cybercrime is financially very detrimental for consumers, enterprises, and government

Burglary Losses Top Cyber ​​Security in the Asia

JAKARTA - The companies in the Asia Pacific (APAC) are expected to spend nearly USD230 billion in 2014 to address the problems caused by malware, which purposely put in pirated software. joint study conducted by IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS ) mention of the total money spent to tackle malware, USD59 billion to address security issues and USD170 billion to address data breaches. On the other hand, consumers in the Asia Pacific region, will be expected to spend USD11 billion this year due to security threats and computer repairs are expensive because of the presence of malware on pirated software. study titled "The Link Between Pirated Software and Cybersecurity Breaches," also revealed that 65 percent of consumers surveyed in Asia Pacific, said their biggest fear of infected software is loss of data, files or personal information , followed by internet transactions are illegal (48 percent) and the potential for identity theft (47 percent). Nonetheless, 41 percent of the same respondents did not install security updates, allowing its computers open to attack by cyber criminals. Officer- government officials expressed concern about the potential impact of cyber security threats to their country. According to the survey, most governments in the Asia Pacific worrying about unauthorized access to important government information (57 percent), the impact of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure (56 percent), and loss of business trade secrets or competitive information (55 percent). estimated, government The world could experience a loss of more than $ 50 billion for costs associated with the malware on pirated software. "The impact of cybercrime is financially very detrimental for consumers, enterprises, and government" Reza Topobroto, Legal Affairs Director, Microsoft Indonesia. perpetrators of crimes in cyberspace, continued Reza, always looking for new ways to break into computer networks to take money users , steal your identity, and the key word (password) for financial gain. "Microsoft Cybercrime Center is committed to end this action to safeguard personal and financial data is secure," he said again. (amr)

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