CFL Eastern Final Featuring "The Rivalry"

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Hamilton Tiger Cats travel to the Toronto Argonauts in one of the major rivalries in Canadian sport held at Rogers Centre in Toronto. Who will win? This is always the most important question with a place in the Grey Cup final at steak.

A Canadian Blend of Football

Having watched the NFL for more than 30 years I am a relative newcomer to the Canadian Football League, only coming aware of the game since arriving in Canada 7 years ago. There are differences between the two leagues, with the CFL definitely being less commercial than is American counterpart and there are three downs to advance the ball and continue the drive, fewer breaks in the play, and the clock seems to count down quicker. The CFL is certainly a different type of game than its American counterpart. Of course for the two Ontario teams playing there is a great rivalry between those two cities and not just in football, but it seems in life, indeed it could be argued that if Hamilton had a NHL hockey franchise then the Toronto Maple Leafs would actually become more competitive than they are today, but that is another sport and another story.

In 1909, Earl Grey, who was at the time was Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada, which became known as the Grey Cup, was originally for teams in the Canada Rugby Union, but since 1954 the teams of the CFL have challenged for the Grey Cup. University of Toronto won that first competition against Toronto rivals, Parkdale.


Hamilton is an industrial city, with steel manufacture at the heart of the town, very much a working class town and tied to its industrial heritage. The Hamilton Football Club, which became the Hamilton Tigers was formed on November 3, 1869, making it one of the oldest of sports teams in the world, playing originally in the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU), but during the 1940's merged with the Hamilton Wildcats becoming the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The Tiger Cats are currently a homeless team, having played many of their home games in the city of Guelph, perhaps also adding to the credentials of a working heritage.


Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada and also has a proud football history, in 1873 the Toronto Argonauts Football club was formed as part of the Argonaut Rowing Club, they adopted the double blue colours of Oxford and Cambridge for club members who were rugby football enthusiasts - it is true that the club is a few years younger than its rival but that has never stopped it. The Argos are the defending Grey Cup Champions and in the east they have been the team to beat, especially when their quarterback Ricky Ray has been fit to play, which he was during the course of the 2013 Eastern Final between these two bitter opponents.

The Hamilton/Toronto Rivalry

Matt Dunigan, who played quarterback for both the Argos and the Ti-Cats once said, “I’ve always felt that Toronto-Hamilton was a battle of culture more than teams. Big city versus small hard-working city". The Ti-Cats, have always been keen to be seen as hard-workers, matching their city’s blue-collar culture, on the other hand the Argos are characterized as metropolitan, over-paid, flashy and cocky players matching the character of that financial centre.

The truth is this is THE rivalry of the QEW, the highway that connects both cities, is it the biggest rivalry in sports? This commentator does not think so, it may be he biggest rivalry in he CFL but not in sports, just witness the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers or Yankees and Red Sox, perhaps the Packers and Vikings, or Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, perhaps India versus Pakistan in Cricket.

An attacking game with the teams tied at 24 points apiece at the tail end of the third quarter, with Hamilton in possession and despite the big play the Toronto defence would not let them take too much ground, not enough to score. In the fourth quarter with 7 minutes to go and Hamilton lead 27 to 24, Toronto are taking the field, to no avail, then another field goal for Hamilton, leaving Toronto with 1 minute and 14 seconds remaining Ricky Ray gets the ball back, but that ends with 53 seconds remaining, and would you believe it with 2 seconds on the clock Toronto fluff the ball which goes loose into the end-zone and Hamilton touch the ball down to put 6 more points on the board, and the win.

This was not meant to be a game summary, but these key points show how important this game was for the local rivals, especially for Hamilton who will be travelling to at Taylor Field in Regina, Saskatchewan - against who???

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17th Nov 2013 (#)

how interesting this Peter....

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17th Nov 2013 (#)

I am not into sports but I know it is all the talk at work this weekend as most people are preparing for "the game".

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18th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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18th Nov 2013 (#)

An interesting description of the competition!

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Oh just some bunch of adult males in tights chasing that leather again! Still I Iiked the way your article makes the topic interesting.

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