Call for an Idea of change and Educational Innovation in India

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This article is on creating innovation and systemic change in educational system in indian classrooms.

Creating Educational Innovations in Indian classrooms.

Recently in India Supreme Court has passed the RTE act that 25% seats should be reserved in unaided private schools for the underprivileged children.This have added a new dimension to recent educational reforms in the country and there has been a social euphoria created over the same. No doubt the government gets a pat on its back for creating a scope for every child in the country to access better education in best schools but I am still skeptical about the road ahead with the system and how are we defining the "best schools". According to recent survey 70% of children still attend government schools in India, where the quality of education is still a concern .As it still lacks proper qualified teachers , innovation in classrooms structure and student investments.
The education system in all high performing nations has a proper sensitized training program for the teachers. In those countries, teacher job earns high profile and dignity. Moreover there has been a constant system of introducing new concepts and design for monitoring the growth, success and investment of each individual kid. These factors contribute a lot to the outcome of schooling and in attaining excellent results and values.
In contrary, most classrooms in India still follows a routine structure of syllabus and examination that exhibits rote learning process and biased thinking on socio cultural issues. Giving reservations won’t change the vast educational inequity that exist, until a systemic check is given on the quality of education, until new dimensions of innovation and creative concepts are introduced for monitoring student growth and proper teacher training program are given to the teachers.
Recently Teachforindia a social organization has taken the initiative of revolutionizing the methods of education in order to create educational parity in the county. The Teach for India classrooms in both government schools and private schools in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai have shown tremendous growth and innovations with excellent academic result of the kids. The fellows there work relentlessly in designing creative plans, structures for monitoring growth, result and investment strategies for each individual kid apart from providing excellent academic guidance.

Facebook Concept in Class!!.."THE Classbook"

For example, one very creative innovation idea of investment strategy for targeting high academic expectation was seen in a TFI classroom in Pune,The Facebook Concept was given new outlook and dimensions in the real classroom environment for targeting investment and academic growth of the students. Designed by one of TFI fellow, Ikpreet Singh, it was named as Class book ,this concept had students vision, big goals and investment structure. The Goals to be achieved by end of year are kept at the top and monthly Status is upgraded just below it. Good performing students gets a chance to be friends with the teacher and enjoy incentives.They also get to post and write their feelings and thoughts when they show excellent behavior or get super good marks in assessments.And if they dont achieve targets or misbehave they move to Friends you may know and again work hard to become friends. Gallery and Upcoming Birthdays are also displayed. This concept has shown tremendous success and helped the students to show academic growth and excellence. There are numerous example of innovation in these classrooms by fellows as they show unwavering commitment to bring educational parity in the country.

A thought!

These models have shown authentic success results, proving that quality education needs creativity ,training, ideas and high commitment rather than reservations of seats and rigid structure. If every teacher finds out their own classroom problems and create their own classroom innovation, there could be no limitation to their success stories. Both government and private schools need to implement systemic change to meet the educational demands. With the RTE being implemented from this academic year, there should be formal remedial programs to meet the educational demands that this Act will bring and also a need to create opportunities for creative innovations in the structure and module, teaching methods and strategies so that ever kid enjoys quality education in every school though it be government or private.


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author avatar Sahil
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Very well said Anshi, But i doubt our governments motive behind implementing RTE because if they were to improve the educational scenario in India, they could have easily done it long ago without even the need of RTE...

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