Can the Gangnam Style Boost the Activities of the UNO?

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The world might have raised its eyebrows when the UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon danced to Gangnam style with South Korean rapper Psy during a meeting at UN headquarters. Today is UNO Day. Will the Gangnam Style Boost the Activities of UNO?

Gangnam Style of South Korea has become a global entertainer

October 24th is observed as UNO Day. Sixty five years ago on this day in 1947, the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as the anniversary day of the Charter of the United Nations. This day is meant to strengthen this great world organization and draw the attention of the people to support the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organization(UNO). This day is also observed as the UNO’s World Development Information Day since 1972. The UNO is trying its best to focus the world’s attention to peaceful development of the whole world so that another World War may not annihilate the whole planet.

Gangnam Style of South Korea has become a global entertainer

Modern world is much attracted by the South Korean freestyle dance called Gangnam Style. This modern concert is inspiring the country to march towards a united morale which is hoped to boost the country is every aspect. Today, the concert is adored by the people of South Korea, popularizing “Gangnam Style” throughout the world. Gangnam Style concert has been watched on YouTube more than 406 million times within a short time. It has gained considerable popularity in the US and UK charts.

Gangnam Style, a thought for the UNO day

Ban Ki-moon, the general secretary of the UN, showed off his dance skills recently when he was visited at the United Nations by Psy, the rapper who is promoting Gangnam Style throughout the world. He danced the new style dance with Psy.

The modern busy world is running after so many things without rest. This restless running after business and profit has made the world depressed and sick. Anxiety and depression have become the killing factors of modern lifestyle. The world needs a break for rest. Perhaps the cultural attractions of the world may provide the much needed rest.

Just as a diplomat on the UN told Psy, “I was thinking about you when you were coming - you know we have tough negotiations in the United Nations. In such a case I was also thinking of playing the Gangnam Style dance so that everybody would stop and dance, maybe you can bring UN style,” the world is hoping for cultural boosts from every side to strengthen the activities of UNO.

UNO day, 24 October, is a call to the world to join hands to promote world peace. The UNO hopes and aims at ending the violence of extreme poverty which only can promote world peace. Let us all make this world live in fraternity and smile in peace.


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