Cannabis....A dangerous drug with no medicinal properties? Or a Herb with unlimited, untapped benefits?

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A worrying state of affairs! The Government tells us Cannabis is a bad drug. do we blindly believe and not ask questions... well of course !.. How could we let this happen?


GW Pharmaceuticles Proud sponsers of ICRS.. INTERNATIONAL CANNABINOID RESEARCH SOCIETY since 1998

T May, insists there is no medicinal value and maintains Cannabis is a drug, it is not ! Cannabis is a nutritinal plant, a herb that works with the human body, The government are very aware of the quailities of this plant and have sponsered research along side the 'Father of Cannabis' Dr Rapheal Machoulam an Expert in the Science of Cannabis for over 50 years.

The Government have knowingly kept life saving information from the public so as to fuel thier ego's and bank balances, Theresa May has even talked down her own party members, telling them not to bring up the question of legalizing Cannabis even for Medical use to protect the business interests of her Husband and GW Pharma.
Cannabis in it's natural form is not harmful, However, Synthetic Cannabis is very harmful and can cause death!

I find it truely dissapointing that T. May had the oppertunity to ease the suffering of thousands of voters and has up until mainstream media took up many cases of suffering, maintained ignorance in favour of profit.

The UK is in effect 20 years behind in the true Education of Cannabis because of Government Greed.

There are thousands of scientific studies readily available to support the fact Cannabis is a Herb, a very remarkable herb!
Social media is bringing together thousands of people in the UK and Ireland, WTU ( We The Undersigned) A prolific movement of 3000 + members, and Cannabis clubs everywhere will be protesting for change on several dates over the next few months, starting with 26th June and 6th July 2018

Background of GW Pharma as from Wikipidia..
Doctors Geoffrey Guy and Brian Whittle founded GW Pharmaceuticals in 1998. That year they obtained a cultivation license from the United Kingdom Home Office and the MHRA, allowing GW Pharmaceuticals to cultivate cannabis from seeds and clones to conduct scientific research concerning the medicinal uses of the plant.

In July 1998, GW Pharmaceuticals collaborated with HortaPharm B.V., a cannabis research and development corporation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded by two expert horticulturists from California, Robert Connell Clarke and David Paul Watson, also known as 'Sam the Skunkman'. HortaPharm grew medicinal strains for the Dutch government.

link to symosiun of the 27th Annual

Raw Cannabis leaf drink

The recipe for my wellbeing, For the last three months i have felt quite a lot better than i have done for quite a few years now.... I have put it down to this...
My Mother Makes me a green drink every day, 1 Banana, 1 Avacado, 6 spinach leaves, 1 cup of green tea and some assorted herbs from the herb garden, Pictured here with my wristband from WTU ( We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis )


So here we are in the 21 century, being led by a Government that is clearly stuck in the 1900's, There are scientists, doctors and many other professionals that are willing to speak out about the truth the Government have been trying thier upmost to conceal. Something to ponder.. A life of It's own, a story of medical marijuana, available on Netflix and 'The Scientist' Dr Rapheal Machoulam's fantastic achievements is a wonderful place to start.
There are people that like to know the truth... are you one of them?


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