Care for elderly, be blessed with longer life !!

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According to research, care-giving releases Oxytocin that leads to lower levels of stress-linked substances.

Care for elderly, be blessed with longer life !!

People who selflessly care for the ill and the elderly blessed with a longer life, according to a new research.
The worry that all the stress attached to care-giving might shave some might shave some years off life and turn people to the grave early is totally unfounded. In fact, the opposite is true - people who nurse with a loved one may be repaid with a longer lifespan according to the reports.

Earlier studies have found that people who cared for sick relatives died at younger age than people who didn't help.But researchers from University of Michigan suspected that care-giving wasn't the problem.

To see if care-giving was truly beneficial to the care-giver, a data from 1,688 couples who were at least 70 years old were scrutinized.

Over seven year period, the elderly couple were surveyed four times. During each,husbands and wives were asked whether they either provided or received help with such daily activities as eating,dressing,bathing,walking, or using the toilet. They were also asked who performed household tasks such as grocery shopping, managing money, meal preparation.
They found that if you accounted for the negative impact of stressing over a loved one's illness, that care-giving actually led to longer life.
During the course of study, people who spent at least 14hours a week caring for a sick spouse were almost 30% less likely to die during the study period than those who spent no time on helping, according to the research.

A smaller story in the journal stroke came to the similar conclusion. Researchers interviewed 75 people who spent an average of almost 37 hours per week caring for a loved one who had suffered a stroke. A full 90% of those interviewed reported that their care-giving enabled them to appreciate life more. Many also reported that it helped them develop a more positive attitude towards life.

When it comes to stress associated with care-giving, 44% said they felt"no strain" while 41% reported strain."
The researchers fits in with results showing that animals release higher level of hormones called oxytocin when they are parenting. That hormone leads to lower levels of stress-linked substances.


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30th Mar 2012 (#)

It is perhaps because of their blessings !!

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yes, exactly !!

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