Casting couch for top jobs in Indian intelligence agencies

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How sleeping with top intelligence and security agency officials will make an inexperienced mediocre young woman powerful overnight

The top secret casting couch for government jobs in India

Increasingly inexperienced mediocre lazy greedy cheater young women are finding out that the casting couch has become the shortcut to top jobs overnight in indian intelligence and security agencies. These young women realize that top officials in indian intelligence and security agencies are so blinded by their jealousy and hatred of any competent hardworking experienced woman professionals especially a single woman obc engineer, that they will stoop to the lowest level to destroy her life.

These inexperienced young women only have to agree to be accomplices to the powerful officials and sleep with them, these officials will make them extremely rich and powerful overnight, stealing the impressive resume of the brilliant single woman engineer they hate. The top officials have already put the harmless woman they hate under surveillance for years, so that they can find out everything about her and steal her resume for their call girl friends.

After these powerful officials have stolen the resume of their obc engineering college classmate for the mediocre call girls who sleep with them, siddhi, sunaina and other cheaters they are infatuated with like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, veena, ruchika, asmita patel , these officials who have massive egos will refuse to admit their mistake and correct it as they are concerned about their career, Instead these fraud officials will waste even more indian tax payer money to cover up their great fraud due to poor systems in Indian intelligence agencies.

The indian intelligence agencies blindly believe in the fake references given by their top officials without bothering to cross check. So if top officials falsely claim that a BSc, diploma holder, BBM or MBA, half their age, they are infatuated with was their 1993 Btech electrical engineering classmate, intelligence agencies allegedly CBI and R&AW will blindly believe the lies and give all these fraud women permanent government jobs. These women do not have to work hard for engineering degree or experience, they will get references overnight. The engineer who finds her resume stolen will find that there is no conventional method to end the fraud due to the lack of transparency.

RTI cannot be filed against intelligence agency officials due to fake national security concerns, the officials remain invisible making it difficult to take legal action. Though the sex, cheating fraud has become world famous, no action has been initiated against the officials and their lazy greedy friends, indicating the high level of sleaze, nepotism and corruption in the intelligence agencies. All complaints to the vigilance and other departments are conveniently ignored.

So inexperienced cunning lazy greedy young women only have to seduce powerful officials in indian intelligence agencies, these officials will falsely claim that she has twenty years professional experience, an engineering degree from a top college, investment of a huge amount, skills, work ethic, to get her a permanent job with salary and pension.


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