Catholic Priest Sentenced to Double Life in Prison For Rape

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A Catholic priest accused of rape case is sentenced to a double life in prison in Kerala

A Rape that Shakes the World

Criminals are to be found in all walks of life. A case has now emerged from among the Christian Catholic community where a Catholic priest repeatedly raped a young girl. The rapes took place from 2015 in the Indian state of Kerala. The girl complained to her mother, who immediately went to the police. An investigation was done and the priest was arrested for rape. He was charged under the Protection of Children from sexual offenses act ( POCSO). It appears that after a sermon the priest would lure the minor girl to his chamber for the gratification of his lust. The news is reported by NDTV in its evening broadcast.

The rape
The priest Fr Edwin Figarez was a well-known figure in the community and had endeared himself to the populace by his devotional singing of hymns to Jesus. After his repeated rapes were discovered he was tried under POCSO and the judge has awarded him 2 life imprisonment terms. A double life sentence is normally not the norm, but in this case, the act of the Priest in the opinion of the judge merited a severe sentence. The priest was also directed to pay a fine of Rs250,000. Along with the Fr Edwin, his brother was also arrested and tried as an accessory to the #Crime. He had helped Fr Edwin to hide after the priest had run away and gone into hiding. But sustained police pressure led to his arrest in March this year. The brother was given a one-year rigorous imprisonment as punishment.

The priest has now been suspended by the local diocese. Catholic priests are at the center of many crimes and the Vatican is grappling with the issue. Fr Edwin was tried by a fast track court and punished in a record time.

Sometimes truth and fiction meet. Bollywood had produced a similar film with an identical story a few years back titled "sins". The film starred Shiny Ahuja as the priest who rapes a devotee, a young girl. Sadly Shiny himself later was arrested for rape of his maid and awarded a 7-year sentence in jail by the sessions court. The case is in appeal. Fr Edwin will now have a long time to ponder over his crime #Religion


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author avatar Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt
25th Nov 2017 (#)

Please send this small article to all of your friends to make them aware of the situation. Hardly anyone thinks logically which “Gur” is. End product of logical reasoning is Nectar "GURPARSAAD", Logo = His Word.
Hi Brother,
A True Sikh is solitary, Niaara and he is one in a million;
The Five were beheaded on the stage and not taken into the Tent as a Thief will do. So, once you have been beheaded and given the common surname “Singh”, you do not use caste-like Jatt, Khatri, Tarkhan, etc. So, this surname "Singh" and the courtesy title “Sardar” is not that cheap as satanic Khatris have made it. No woman was given Amrit and only tribal sons of Shiv were given Amrit. Mai Bhago wasn't baptised. Only Bandei Khalsas, the super donkeys that live in the family homes.
Khalsas are the Fauj of Akal Purakh and they seek not the secular rule but the spiritual rule of philanthropy. Thus, the hired Fauji Brars who wanted money, they were refused the Baptism.

Thus, a family man cannot be a Khalsa but a Super Donkey Khalsa – NANAK TAE NAR ASSALL KHAR; JAE BINN GUNN GHARBHH KARANT.
Bhindranwala was neither a Sikh that instead of humble likes Bhai Ghaniyia Ji; he carried weapons or a Khalsa because this Complex is for the Sikh Bhagtan, Harmandir Sahib and Nirmallae Santan, Akaal Takht. Khatris, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness got it gilded to attract customers and threw the Nirmallae Sants out as they did to the last Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the Commander-in-Chief of Sikhi. So, Bhindranwale was a Terrorist produced by these satanic Khatris, who created this Damdami Taksall of 5th Shankar Varn to produce SHANKAR VARNIYE Fanatic Devils – John 8v44. Here is a Video on this topic:-
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Here is my link on Vaisakhi initiation:-
Khatri puttring; kisse na mitring
Mittring hi Mittring; Dagah dittring.
The worst form of Khatris is Mohammedan Khatri called Sheikh:-
Youtube video on this topic:-
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Here are the basic definitions:-
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Second Panth or Way of Life is Sikh in which the person becomes a student of spiritual knowledge to be a “HAR JANN” or son of Parbrahm. They thrive upon “Agape” Divine un-conditional love as displayed by Bhai Ghaniyia Ji.
Third Panth Khalsa and the Fourth Panth of Nirmallae Santan or Apostles was organised by Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, the very Form of Akaal Purakh and His Sons represented Him by performing the Philanthropic Works as Khalsa Soldiers of “PAR SHIV” (Daeh Shiva Var Mohae… sons of Shiv let us fight against the sons of Satan) to sort out the stubborn sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the religious fanatics – John 8v44 and Word of Mouth by the Apostles. Both of them were initiated by beheading the Five on stage and then sewing the head of one with the Torso of other. And they were revived through Nectar of His Word that created “Philia” Love among the solitary. That is why sugar Pataashe were added by Mahan Devan, Mother Holy Spirit, in the Nectar of His Word prepared by the Father

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