Change, The Turning Point

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Why Senator Bernie Sanders campaign is vital for the future of the United States

Change, The Turning Point

We would be wise to remember May 16th, 2016 for it just maybe the turning point for Senator Sanders. In his latest public appearance in Puerto Rico the Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate gave what amounts to be his most educational and poignant speech. A speech that details what is needed to secure Puerto Rico's and the United States future.

In the footsteps and traditions of America's greats Senator Sanders has blended qualities that are unmatched by today's other Presidential candidates. His empathy, compassion and understanding of the problems and crisis of today is very reminiscent of JFK. It has been over 60 years since the light of reason, hope, and a promise for a better future has been cast over this country. Still, the media, the establishment of both political parties, and the other two Presidential candidates have only continued to show their true colors. We have to remind ourselves that much of the public has already been duped by a bias media and trounced by his majesty the Trumpness which has kept much of the publics attention away from understanding that our democracy and way of life has already been stolen. Stolen by corporate greed, our own apathy and lack of education. All resulting in much of the publics ability in understanding what Senator Sanders campaign is all about.

This brings us back to that day in May where on the shores of Puerto Rico Senator Sanders may have just reached that turning point. A turning point where he has been swimming against the tide of political bias and corrupt voting irregularities. It was on that day he finally reached that spawning ground where his ideas and platform will finally take root. In the end it will secure the future for both the United States and Puerto Rico for generations to come.

In spite, the media, the DNC establishment will continue to do whatever it takes to disrupt, distort and eliminate much of what was discussed on that day in May in Puerto Rico. They will continue to focus on their predetermined candidate and those super delegates who by the way were already in Clinton's pocket well before this primary season even started. On the Republican side nothing sells better than the Trump train.

Today's obscene amounts of money in politics has only entrenched the status-quo. From day one Senator Sanders faced almost insurmountable odds against factions that still are doing everything they can to undermine what Bernie Sanders is focusing on. On that day in May though Sanders reached the turning point. But, it is up to the rest of us to understand the realistic and just balance that have always been there in every aspect of all his proposals. A plan of direction that deals specifically how they will improve everyone's quality of life and why every one of his proposals are realistic approaches in solving the many urgent crisis that we face today.

When the media continues to put a spin on events that actually occurred especially with this past Arizona primary is in fact a complete distortion of the events. What really happened and the only one to face criminal charges was a Clinton supporter( and actor Wendell Pierce) who attacked 2 women who supported Bernie ( why because they refused to support Clinton.) . He tried to force his way in to their hotel room all the while hitting one of the women, pulling her hair, and not allowing the people in the room to close the door until someone threatened to get a knife. The main stream media again distributes a blatant distortion of events. Untruths, lies and deceptive reporting of actual events has made the Clinton campaign one of the most notorious in recent times. It is also known that the Nevada convention purposely prohibited many of the voting public from casting their votes all for a predetermined result. In New York again the main stream media won't even consider the improprieties that left hundreds of thousands of voters unable to vote. This years primary season has been so ripe with inconsistencies that boarder on criminal sanctions imposed by the Democratic establishment. Not to mention the head of the Democratic Party Debbie Wasserman has been working feverishly and doing everything possible to thwart the political momentum of Senator Sanders.

It is so obvious that the establishment of both political parties are so afraid of change that any disruption in today's status-quo would disrupt their gravy train. This is why the Democratic establishment have always supported Clinton and the Republican establishment are doing everything they can to derail the Trump Train. But in the meantime with all that behind the doors wheeling and dealing billions of dollars are being made and corporate profits continue to roll in. All the while millions of Americans languish in desperation for change. We always have to remember that change with the right course of action is necessary for growth, opportunity, prosperity and a better quality of life. For without fundamental change stagnation, impoverish multitudes, and instability especially in today's turbulent world will only further decay the United States. Change is the agenda of Bernie Sanders. Don't be beguiled by the bias media or prejudices that always surface when confronted with the prospect of change whether it is a single payer health care plan, restoring the Glass Steagall Act or overturning the Citizens United. It has been the establishment and the media in consort with each other that continues to sway public opinion so that any disruption in today's status-quo won't happen.


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25th May 2016 (#)

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I wish Mr.Sanders contune servng his government even if he doesnt win his par jominations.

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