Chaos, Rebellion, Or Unity

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The past Presidential Election, to which Trump defeated Clinton is marred by the monumental amount of disruptions that are against Trump.

Chaos, Rebellion Or Unity

November 8th another day that will live in infamy. Unlike Pearl Harbor or 9/11 what our Electoral College did was usher in a seismic shift in the trajectory of the United States. Was it a surprise to wake up on November 9th to find that the unthinkable became a reality? For millions of Americans the sheer notion that Donald Trump won became a shock to the political system and to our world. One has to wonder how this could have happened?

In order to answer that we have to trace the root cause of the rise of Trumpmania and the decline of Clintonism. Trying to put Trumpmaina into historical context well just say it is an oxymoron. He just maybe the first of a kind to seize the reigns of power. Or did the existing power structure of the establishment for the past 40 years erode the basic codes of etiquette, decency, and morality to the point that Trumpmania took root in American society?

It can be arguably said that there are very close parallels between Trump, his political style, and his psychological persona to the character in Orson Wells masterpiece "Citizen Kane." A fitting tribute of a film that fictionalized the real life of William Hearst. The film traces the main character, Kane a self-destructive narcissistic man who became an ambitious tycoon hell bent on bending the publics will for his own personal gain. The movie goes on to showcase the fact that this man was obsessed with enriching his own brand and influence over the population. Time and time again he asserts unsubstantiated and highly questionable truths while ignoring all practical advice while seeking the governorship of New York. Sound familiar? It should. It fits the Trump mold of politics while beguiling the public that sweep him into the White House.

The movie also depicts a man that has a willful inconsistency, something to which Donald Trump has turned into an art form. An art form that has no traces of intellectual sophistication or ideological passion. All through-out this years Presidential cycle Trump has shown that he believes in nothing but his own ability to control his destiny. This belief tragically is misunderstood as leadership. And, yet the public for the most part were so enamored by the Trump self made brand of politics and frustrated by the Democrats attempts at covering up Clinton's miss deeds paved the way for the political upset that we have today.

But what was it that caused the Democrats to self destruct? We have to remember that deceit, lies and corruption have all been apart of the American experience especially in our politics. But, it was in this years Presidential election that underscored the magnitude in which the lies, deceit and corruption infiltrated this years run for the White House. It become apparent early on that to secure the election of Hillary Clinton to that lofty pinnacle of power the Democratic Party bosses wanted to make sure that nothing would stand in their way to elevate Clinton to the Presidency. In doing so the DNC willfully, purposely and with malice intent broke every law in the book to make sure that their candidate of choice would become the next President. All during the Democratic Primaries voter fraud was rampant from New York all the way to California. Lawsuit after lawsuit followed and yet the juggernaut of the Clinton machine had kept on moving right along. The only success the Democratic party had, if you can call it that, was that they made sure Senator Sanders whose own attempt to thwart a Clinton candidacy would never succeed.

Right before the Democratic Convention it looked like Senator Sanders would contest the legitimacy of a Clinton nomination. But, in the end the Democratic Party succeed in regulating Bernie Sanders to a supporting role. We have to note that all during this past primary season poll after poll signified that Bernie Sanders was the best possible candidate to defeat any Republican candidate the Republicans nominated. The Democratic establishment not only went out of their way to the point of breaking every campaign law to secure Clinton as the choice candidate but turned a blind eye to the declining favorability of Clinton. And when the FBI came into the picture and set the tone for more questionable tactics undertaken by Clinton actually sealed her fate. But, still the DNC were hell bent on placing Clinton as heir apparent to President Obama. They were either to blind to see or oblivious to the fact that the mood of the country was slipping away from the grasp of the Democrats.

The Democratic party was so convinced that Clinton had enough momentum to carry her to the Oval Office even though during the primaries she could only muster crowds on a scale much smaller to the throngs of people flocking to Senator Sanders rallies. The DNC and Clinton herself ignored the mood of the general public. The mood was shifting away from the status-quo that Clinton was offering toward a more progressive agenda of Bernie Sanders. But, the straw that broke the DNC and Clinton's chances for the Presidency was the FBI and the prolonged investigation of Clinton's e-mail problems. In the end the DNC party bosses turned their noses up and just ignored the one candidate that had the best chance of wining the White House.

What this election has signified is that there is no doubt the United States is severely out of balance and more divided than ever. We are a nation that has always had a loftier purpose and yet for the past 40 years we have argumentatively meddled in affairs of other nations for self serving purposes. That higher purpose has been lost to which we are now faced with global repercussions. And, with Trump being elected just emphasizes the reality of just how out of balance we really are and those global repercussions are now coming home to roost. Do we as a nation now turn to chaos and rebellion or do we realize the damage has been done and come together under an untested and thoroughly unprepared person to take up residence in the White House? But, to rebel or create more animosity through distention and chaos only creates more instability and does nothing to alleviate the monumental problems facing this country and the world we all live in. There really is no other choice. We have survived as a nation under far worse Presidents. We can and must survive now.


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14th Nov 2016 (#)

this is marvellous dear Tim...I am re sharing on my google plus page...take very good care..

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Great, interesting and informative read. Thanks for sharing!

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