Cheating is the national sport of India

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Though cricket may be the officially the most popular game in India, unofficially cheating is the national sport in the country and only cheaters are allowed to flourish by the all powerful intelligence agencies

How mediocre lazy cheaters are rewarded with top jobs in India for fraud

A long time British tourist in Goa was so disgusted with being repeatedly cheated at the hotel, while eating out and travelling, that he commented in an interview with the media that " Cricket is not the national sport of India, cheating is the real national sport" . Though the government pays lip service to reducing corruption and nepotism, the harsh reality in India is that mainly cheaters and frauds without morals, humanity and ethics are allowed to flourish. This article has been written to warn tourists, investors and others that no one can be trusted in India

In the last decade cheating has become socially respectable in India and known cheaters are widely admired. It appears that the all powerful indian intelligence agencies like CBI and R&AW are determined to ensure that only cheaters and liars will do well in the country, allegedly rewarding the most audacious and shameless cheaters with permanent government jobs in these agencies with salary and pension for the rest of their lives. When convenient these officials will fake concern about hnesty to harass innocent people wasting tax payer money, but in the long terms only frauds are rewarded in India

For example the mediocre shivalli brahmin cheater housewife from bengaluru, nayanshree hathwar, cheated a single woman obc engineer of her hard earned money, providing content which did not pass copyscape. For the content fraud, powerful intelligence agency officials not only made it difficult for her victim to recover her hard earned money, they have also rewarded the cheater nayanshree and her associates with control of all content in India and a lucrative permanent job allegedly in CBI/R&AW, falsely claiming that she has the resume of the brilliant engineer she cheated.

Similarly the goan fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage, after lying, on the brilliant obc engineer and for the fraud, powerful officials rewarded the cheater siddhi and her associates with great powers and a lucrative permanent job allegedly in CBI/R&AW, falsely claiming that she has the resume of the engineer she cheated, There are other frauds who have cheated and exploited the engineer.
Additionally a powerful NTRO official J srinivasan allegedly harassed for years falsely claimed that the lazy greedy Bsc sunaina, half his age, who he is infatuated with, was his Btech 1993 Electrical engineering classmate to give her great powers and a lucrative permanent job allegedly in CBI/R&AW. Goan good looking GSB Riddhi is another fraud allegedly with a CBI/R&AW job, powers faking a Btech 1993 Electrical engineering degree though she has no engineering qualification or experience, due to fake references. Though the engineer cheated by these women and officials has protested loudly no one has helped her at all, while these cheaters are flourishing getting a salary and great powers for cheating.

In the Indian internet sector, allegedly large corporates like Google, tata,paypal are protecting and rewarding these mediocre lazy cheaters, helping them to steal data, bribing the police like bengaluru cybercrime not to take action against the brahmin cheater nayanshree. So increasingly in India, allegedly with the active support of CBI and R&AW, only mediocre lazy greedy cheaters faking their degree, can flourish and cheating has become the national sport of India. Brilliant honest people should seriously think of migrating as both the top officials and society does not value honesty, hard work and merit in India.


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author avatar Retired
25th Jul 2015 (#)

Cheating is really an epidemic every where in the world

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author avatar Niche
26th Jul 2015 (#)

Some comments have been deleted due to offensive language
Please note cheating does not refer to illegal activities, it specifically refers to a clear case of business fraud like hiring people,corporate espionage, vendor fraud, corruption and nepotism of officials, specifically in intelligence agencies. Increasingly honest hardworking people are finding it difficult to survive in India as mediocre lazy greedy frauds and call girls sleeping with top officials are rewarded. Honest Indians staying in India find it difficult to get justice as police refuse to action against the frauds who cheat them.
There should be an open debate why known cheaters, liars in India are rewarded for their fraud with top jobs in intelligence agencies faking their resume. Even a decade ago, cheating behavior in India would not be acceptable

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author avatar Sierra Doll
25th Jul 2015 (#)

Well, trust that you will never be visiting India again. Was the housewife of Bangalore cheating with you? Because of your epidemic British white skin? See we know you British men walk fly open and no undies and cause worldwide catastrophe with your dicks and Goa is no innocent place as you bastards just come in to lay kids and hores at cheap rates using your monarch airlines from wherever airports that fly at 250 quid during season.
Get your white arse off Indian land rather than spoiling the name just because your prostitute deal went wrong in Goa.

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author avatar peachpurple
28th Jul 2015 (#)

cheating not only happens in india, everywhere 24 hours a day

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author avatar Niche
28th Jul 2015 (#)

In India a cheating victim finds it difficult to get help.

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