China bans Ramadan Fasting and Burkha and Enforces it

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China is a nation that is not scared of Muslim reactions as they have banned Ramadan fasting and Burka for all citizens. The Muslim world so vocal otherwise is like a damp cat when it comes to China

Banning Ramadan fasting

Ramadan is a part of the holy calendar of Muslims and is a period of fasting. Unfortunately in China it is seen in a different light. I use the word ‘unfortunately” because it is a self-inflicted injury by the Muslims. The Chinese government have made announcements on the internet and radio warning Muslims not to undertake the Ramadan fast as it is injurious to health. This is a brave statement and the Muslim world is silent as it doesn’t want to antagonize China.

The government had already warned all Muslims who are employees and teachers not to observe Ramadan. The fact is the Chinese discourage any Muslim religious activity and the Muslim world cannot do anything about it as China is a powerful nation. The ban fasting order has come from Beijing’s Public Security Bureau and is aimed at crushing the Uighur Muslims who reside in this restive province.

The government has repeated that Ramadan fasting is harmful for health and needs to be stopped. I do agree with the thinking behind the Chinese decision, but then Muslims all over the world fast and they are none the worse for it.
Banning Burkha

China has now gone a step further and outlawed the Burkha the trademark dress of Muslim women. The ban is on wearing a Burkha in a public place. The ban has been enforced to counter the Uighur Muslim terrorists who wear a Burkha and hide bombs and guns.

The Chinese are facing a terror movement from their Muslims in Sinkiang. These terror groups are backed by Muslims from Pakistan and Kazakhstan. I guess this decision was forced on the Chinese to counter the terror movement.
I support the ban on the Burkha as I feel it’s a mark of keeping women backward. The Chinese have done a good thing and I wonder why it can’t be enforced in India


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