Chinese Won't Allow a Indian Consulate in Lhasa

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India has strong relations with Tibet and this irks the Chinese who are killing and raping the Tibet people. They are scared to allow an Indian consulate in Tibet

Chinese are Scared of India

The Chinese do have a paranoid fear of India. I really don’t know why, for India and China never fought a war for 2000 years. Yet, the Chinese feel that India is a threat. Partly one reason is the close relations both religious and trade between Indian and Tibet. These relations are over 2500 year old. Another link is religion. Buddhism in Tibet spread from India. The Dalai Lama the Tibet spiritual head resides in India. He had escaped from Tibet in 1959 after his advisors came to know that he was to be murdered.
Earlier India had a Consul General in Lhasa, but it was downgraded at the instance of Chinese to a consulate. Still it was a beacon of hope for the Tibetans who were being persecuted by the Chinese. During the days of the Raj, the British even maintained troops of the Indian army in Tibet, but a foolish Nehru gave it all up as he was a naïve individual.
The Indian consulate was doing excellent work and many Tibetans looked towards it with hope and anticipation. It was like a window to them to the outside world. At that time the trade routes to Tibet from India were also open.
In 1962 China closed the Indian consulate and sent all Indian staff back to India. They also closed all the trade routes .After that year the Chinese have not allowed an Indian consulate in Tibet. In 2014 at a meeting the Indian side raised the question of a consulate in Tibet, but a fearful China rejected it. When pressed for a reason, the Chinese side could give only some lame excuses. How long will the Chinese continue to trample on the poor Tibet people? People must know that some 3 million Tibet people have fled Chinese controlled Tibet to India. They want to go back and so do the Dalai Lama, but the Chinese are afraid and have debarred all Tibetans in India and the Dalai Lama from entering Tibet.
The Indian government must press the Chinese for re-opening the consulate in Lhasa. Perhaps after that the Tibetan in Tibet will see a ray of hope and won’t feel so isolated.


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