Congressional Malfeasance

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Social Security cost of living raise won't help the millions of seniors who really need a helping hand.

Congressional Malfeasance

With this weeks announcement on Social Security cost of living increases one has to wonder what the hell are our most benevolent, most astute financial wizards of political expediency thinking when they approved just a 1.7% increase? Using a very flawed set of guidelines to determine the percentage rate increase for the nations elderly has proven once again our seniors will continue to fall way short of ever trying to keep pace with inflation. Like last year, that measly cost of living increase never did help the majority of our seniors in relation to their cost of living. With this years increase will still leave them wondering, again how to balance food or medicine. The reverse Robin Hood rational has continued to be the norm with government officials in all their legislation.

For the majority of those whose lives depend on the meager monthly government pension, that Social Security check is the only source of income they have. Gone are the days of company pensions. When we tack on 401K plans, many for the past 30 years their incomes didn't equate to having enough disposable incomes to put 1% let alone 5% into a 401K plan and still have enough left over to pay for groceries. Today, that 1.7% increase or about $20 extra won't even come close to offsetting the continuing inflationary prices of food, energy, and medicine.

The inflationary costs for food rose over 3.5% last winter. The projected increase for 2015 is over 5% for food alone. Energy costs have also risen by more than 6% in 2014 and like food the projected increase for energy hovers at close to 10%. Sure, the price we pay at the pump is down right now, but all it would take is one disaster like a hurricane or another terrorist attack then everything we depend on will skyrocket. What happens with that 1.7% increase means the majority of seniors who rely on Social Security are already in the hole. The reality is that continued rising costs negates that pittance of that increase.

The sticker shock comes when seniors who are also receiving Food Stamps their monthly allotment will be sharply reduced by the amount of the Social Security increase. Just like last year just in time for the Holidays Food Stamps were cut as price increases soared. Least we forget Medicare Part B and C price increases are inevitable. Come January that $20 increase will be wiped out by all the other programs our seniors depend on. And, in fact not one senior will be able to actually see that increase relieve the stress of day to day trying to rob Peter to pay Paul. Our most efficient financial marvels of bureaucratic proficiency once again have shown their true colors. Using the cuts in Food Stamps and other programs just to show they are towing the Republican party line.

It would be so refreshing for just one elected official to actually realize that incomes which are derived from more well paying job opportunities here in the United States the greater the tax revenue and the greater the chances that more people will be able to fulfill the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution. This, when in reality there has been over the past 35 years a blatant disregard by governmental policies and Corporate America for the American worker, the industries that propelled the United States to it's lofty heights during the post war years, the 1950's thru the early 1970's, and our nations ever increasing poor including the elderly.

For a nation that is considered one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest country in the world it really is a disgrace the way our government issues mandates, passes laws, and evokes policies that by their nature have continued to undermine the Family unit, our individual stability, peoples financial security, the nations health, and our own national security.

The first step in increasing the cost of living increases in everyone's Social Security we have to take the necessary steps to ensure that more people actually fulfill the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution. That means workable policy changes to increase Job growth creation with real cost of living wages and not just raising the minimum wage either. To do that requires the implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation. Only then will we actually be able to meet the needs of every citizen and ensure our nations future for generations to come.


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23rd Oct 2014 (#)

One small point - why do you assume that everyone who reads your article will be American? You talk about "our financial wizards" and "the nation's elderly" without once mentioning which nation you are referring to.

Perhaps I should point out that this website is hosted in the United Kingdom, so would it not be a courtesy to at least acknowledge this fact by introducing your article in terms that appreciate this?

I have, for several years, made contributions on American websites and I always make sure that my readers know that I am referring to the UK when it is appropriate to do so.

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author avatar Retired
24th Oct 2014 (#)

That's what we get with big government. If government would get out of everybody's business to let free enterprise and free markets thrive, we wouldn't have social security dependence with its ludicrous "raises." Cost of food, goods , and energy would go down, and incomes from full employment. But no, people keep voting for the party of government handouts. Americans are "hooked" on it.

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author avatar Retired
24th Oct 2014 (#)

....incomes from full employment would what I intended to say.

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