Conor McGregor: Talking About Winning and Taking The Fight to Vegas

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UFC 182 results are in and the recently-concluded pay-per-view had 2 of the biggest winners all over the press - Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (against Ben Henderson) and Conor McGregor (against Dennis Siver). Both fighters expressed how happy they were upon bagging the wins.

This is the man

During the post-fight press conference , Cowboy sheepishly shared his idea of a celebration “Definitely a tough win and so, celebrate, I don’t know. Certainly I feel good. It’s time to take some time off. Talk with Dana and Lorenzo after this so ... Go to Daytona 500 and just kinda hangout.”

For a fighter initially known to rarely take a break from matches, the press found it a refreshing take to celebrate a tough win. Since he laughed at the reaction, UFC President Dana White, who was also present at the press conference, took it upon himself to say “Yes” in confirmation of the well-deserved break that he gave to Cowboy.

This is in large contrast to McGregor who was pretty wordy about the way he described how he anticipated a win. “No I felt, I felt it went exactly as ... I said the ten-minute-mark. But as it came closer I was thinking ‘I don’t want to rush this’. I want to get in and I want to feel this. This is a sold-out. This is a record-breaking game here for the TV Garden here at Boston on the weekend and the football is on.”

In between suppressed joy and an Irish accent protruding as he spoke, he was blunt enough to admit the kind of pressure he exerted upon himself in winning the match as he envisioned it. “I want to find comfort in there. I want to find calm. This is my total contest - back-to-back from ACL surgery so I felt in the burn of that fight. I was a bit rushed. I felt in the port day of fight. I tried to force him to make changes so this time I wanted a left.” The left he was referring to the straight left that landed on Siver, causing the latter to drop to the ground.

Each round in the octagon exceeds 10 minutes. So it became apparent that the 10-minute mark that McGregor is referring to is more of self-imposed until he realized how he wanted to live in the moment. “I want to defeat and although I felt the ten-minute-mark and this is where I truly felt the lead. On the day and a couple of days before, I was thinking ‘I am not gonna rush this’. I don’t need to rush this. I wanna ... I wanna spend more time in there. I mean. And this is, for me, everything else, I don’t make everything else to me this tough you know.”

The fact that the event was sold-out was a major factor for McGregor. Despite coinciding with the NFL, it still got booked to the rafters. McGregor expressed his happiness at that thought “It’s hard work what we do. We get rewarded for this and this is definitely. I see the benefits of that event, you know, that event, sold-out there and it’s the weekend that the NFL, that big American football game was on. That stuff doesn’t happen over this side of the pond. I want to do it again so I just be loose and have, uh, find comfort in there and get more minutes on the clock.”

What’s next for McGregor then? Vegas. Dana White was blunt enough in saying how they are gunning for Vegas in order to book McGregor vs Aldo. McGregor is just as excited for Vegas. “Yeah, I mean it’s absolutely prerogative of course this stadium was a dream of mine, you know. A vision of mine. Maybe the visions are getting there. Maybe I set 2 minutes. It was 2 rounds something. I’m on to something, this ground really, Vegas. I’m happy with Vegas.”

This win will serve as the fulcrum that would set off the training for McGregor’s next match in Vegas come May 2015. Knowing how McGregor tried to get Jose Aldo’s attention after his win against Siver and how that situation that caught on camera, everyone then anticipates a fight that might cross over to getting personal.


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