Cover Up

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The sad but true tale of what has happened to Bernie Sanders and our whole Democratic process.

Cover Up

Never before has there been such an outright theft of the Democratic principles amidst a Ponzi scheme that makes the Madoff crime pale in comparison. The Clinton Foundation is probably the biggest Ponzi scheme in the nations history. The American people today are unwitting victims of election fraud, malfeasance, collusion and treachery by a major political party. We know for a fact that the DNC from the onset of this years Presidential primaries worked in conjunction with the Clinton campaign to undermine Senator Sanders candidacy.

But, this goes much deeper than that. Just last Thursday News Wire and WikiLeaks founder reported that along with Clinton's e-mail problems when she was Secretary of State there are more than 19,000 additional ones that indicate not only the attempts to derail Senator Sanders campaign but a targeted, unwarranted and highly suggested way of telling Senator Sanders to quietly step aside and endorse Clinton.

These e-mails not only prove that there was a direct and highly successful maneuver by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to make sure Senator Sanders tow the line or else. The truth be known that Senator Sanders was forced to drop out and endorse Clinton. Senator Sanders knew that to win the Presidency was to aline himself with a major political party. Since he is an independent the best way to mount a successful campaign was to enter the primaries as a Democrat. But, the Democratic party had already secured Clinton as there presumptive nominee and Sanders was just going to be a little side note. Nothing to worry about. Little did the Democratic establishment realize that one 74 year Senator form Vermont would ignite a national movement that literary shock the very foundation of the party and threatened the favorite son of the Democratic establishment. In this case Hillary Clinton.

In their zeal to further the candidacy of Clinton and ensure her nomination compromised the integrity of the Democratic process by offering Senator Sanders an offer he couldn't refuse. Shades of the Godfather is a more apt description. According to WikiLeaks Senator Sanders not only won the Democratic primaries but was the true voice of the people and should have been the Democratic nominee, but, was threatened to drop out. There are credible sources that show with tangible evidence that over 10,000 emails by Clinton herself implicate her in coordinating the threat against Senator Sanders. As far fetched as this may sound there also is a direct tie to the Clinton Foundation that shows that if Senator Sanders wrestled the nomination away from Clinton would expose the corruption within the Clinton Foundation.

How high does this cover up go? What we know so far is that the Democratic party, the Clinton campaign as well as the Clinton Foundation operate above the law. One has to wonder could the White House also be implicated? We may never really know for sure. But one thing is perfectly clear Hillary Clinton and the power brokers within the Democratic party have already discredited themselves and are steady losing the once great trust of the American public. It is too bad that so many of Bernie Sanders supporters think that he sold his soul to the Democratic party by endorsing Hillary Clinton when in fact that is not the case at all.

Now with Senator Sanders credibility in doubt by so many of his supporters this Our Revolution that is now in progress more than likely will end just be like the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago. The intent of the DNC all along was to ensure the status-quo. And when Bernie Sanders entered center stage the DNC did the unthinkable to push Senator Sanders out of contention. One can only surmise that when JFK wanted to disrupt the apple cart look what happened. Something to really think about.


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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
14th Sep 2016 (#)

So by the rationale of your piece, sir, is Senator Sanders now "in on it," as he wholeheartedly endorsed Secretary Clinton at the Convention?

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