Crime Continues To Soar - What You Need To Know

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Crime is undoubtedly on the rise throughout the United States. Should homeowners sit around and wait to become a victim? No, here is what to know and do to protect yourself.

Crime On The Rise

If you take a moment to scan through the latest news stories, you'll find that many of them are directly associated with the rise in crime. In Memphis, Tennessee, federal authorities indicted top Gangster Disciples members. Although this might seem like a good thing, Shelby County law enforcement members are actually fearful that the indictments could spiral into backlash and future crime. In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, the county has also experienced an increase in violent crime. The good news is that the homicide rates have dropped.

No End In Sight

With no end in sight, consumers need to go above and beyond to protect themselves from becoming a victim and a statistic. There are numerous ways to protect yourself and utilizing a combination of methods can ultimately help to decrease the risks substantially. Unfortunately, some will resort to purchasing a firearm. Although this will definitely make it possible to defend yourself, it could also put your children and loved ones in extra danger. Below, you'll discover better ways to enhance your security.

Security System

There is absolutely no doubt that a home security system can enhance your home's security immensely. Despite the additional cost, the system will prove to well worth its price. Just remember that some of the newest systems are not professionally monitored. If you're going to be outside of the home or will be unable to monitor your own system throughout the day and night, these systems will not do you any good. Opting for a professionally monitored system, such as the one from ADT or a similar company, is highly recommended.

Switch To A Deadbolt

Sometimes, the solution you need is much most simplistic than you could ever imagine. In fact, securing your home a little better is as simple as switching to a brand new lock. If you do not have deadbolt locks on your exterior, entry doors, you need to make the transition immediately! Other locks are ineffective, since they'll make it much easier to kick in your door. Switch to the deadbolt and make sure your door frames are properly reinforced. This will prevent a thief from kicking in your door with ease.

Add Exterior Lighting

Remember that thieves and other devious individuals will find comfort and solace in the darkness. In order to prevent them from finding a hiding place outside of your home, you need to lighten it up as much as possible. This is where exterior lighting will enter the picture. In order to keep your costs to a minimum, without decrease the effectiveness of the lights, you should opt for motion sensor lights. These will remain off, until they detect moment and then the thief will become a deer caught in the headlights.

Remove The Bushes

Another simple solution for enhancing your home's security is to trim the bushes. Again, it is imperative to avoid giving the thief a place to hide and bushes will do just that. By removing the bushes, you'll prevent the thief from hiding, until you've gone to sleep.


All in all, home security and personal security are often more about common sense than high-tech gadgets. Still, if you're going to opt for a security system, you should make sure to choose one that is professionally monitored. It might cost you more, but it'll prove to be much more effective!


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