Crimes and compulsions

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The book keeper at Auschwitz has been pronounced guilty and sentenced for 4 years. Does it make sense to you? It does not to me.

For starters, did he know?

That is like asking do you know what is going on in every corner of the University campus. But even so, news travels, and he must have known. Let us say he knew it. What next? Could he have told anybody? Whom could he have told, without risking his life, and that of his loved ones? No one of course. He dare not, whatever his personal beliefs, and thinking.

He also needed that job

Jobs in those days were hard to come by. The other alternative was to join armed forces, and die. Not everybody is cut out for it. Moreover, responsibilities differ from person to person. A person with fewer responsibilities finds it easier to join armed forces, than a person with many of them. I wonder what were his compulsions that kept him there.

Was it possible that there was permanent contract?

The job may have been something of a lifetime job. When it is a question of bread on the table, many would look the other way, whatever be the crime, "as long as I am not expected to do it". Or perhaps, there was a secrecy clause with a few who left the place never surviving to tale the gory tales. That can scare a person to hold to the job he is not comfortable with.

Putting myself in the shoes of 94 year old man

I would say he is not guilty. We need an alternate system so that there is somebody who can be approached. In Nazi regime, that environment did not exist. It did not exist in Stalin's or Lenin's regime either. So fear, undue influence, coercion, etc., led to many crimes that would not have happened from the hands of ordinary people. If somebody held a gun at your head, and asked you to shoot your neighbor, would you or would you not? Of course, you would. If, however, this man participated willingly in the crimes, then it is certainly punishable.

In any event, America was aware of the crimes against Jews

If American leaders and men of that era got away because they considered it as none of their business, and not because they feared Germany in any way, then it is rather unfair to pick on some poor soul, while letting go of the rich and influential. Justice should be the same across the board.


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17th Jul 2015 (#)

No. I would NOT shoot anyone. We are all responsible for our own actions and fear is not an excuse to behave badly. Fear is a sin.

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17th Jul 2015 (#)

Practically, we are not always in a position to stand up for right. I for one would not be able to see my loved ones being tortured the way Nazis tortured and starved and killed Jews. It is easy to say it is sin. But most of the Germans in the Nazi era were Christians or Catholics, and they could not bring themselves to stand up for what is written in the books. Therefore, there has to be some other way, because until god puts us to those tests we don't really know how deep our faith is.

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