Cumulonimbus: Clouds Phenomenon and Disastrous for Aviators

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Cumulonimbus is towering vertical clouds (family D2) are very high, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other cold weather. Cumulonimbus is one of the vertical cloud that can grow towering to a height of 60 thousand feet (18 km further), and formed due to several reasons, but the most common is the process of convection due to warming of the earth's surface by solar radiation and atmospheric conditions are unstable.

What's Cumulonimbus Cloud

Convective clouds present a serious hazard to aviation. Aircraft entering a Cumulonimbus cloud may experience severe turbulence, icing, lightning, precipitation (especially Hail), and strong winds (both vertical and horizontal). These hazards, individually and collectively can lead to structural damage, injuries to crew and passengers, loss of separation/level bust as a result of an inability to maintain assigned height, and loss of control. Where possible, flight crews will wish to avoid passing within 20 Nm of a cumulonimbus cloud.
Cumulonimbus or shortened by CB, is derived from the Latin, "cumulus" means Accumulating and "nimbus" means Rain. The Cumulonimbus clouds in the mature phases, which move up and down. Thickness reaches a height of 60 thousand feet. So if this cloud which then could harm the modern Airbus aircraft is equipped with special devices that advanced? What is and what the CB cloud seems very afraid of the Fliers?
Cumulonimbus very easily formed in the tropics because the process of convection in this region is very strong, and the clouds are 'born' various extreme weather phenomena such as tropical cyclones (typhoons/hurricanes), thunderstorms, hail (hail storm), and tornadoes.

The Clouds Formed

CB clouds are easily recognizable by their appearance which is different from the others, generally with a sloping cloud base, 'Pole' and peaks towering cloud shaped like a foundation or base to forge metal.
These clouds are formed as a result of atmospheric instability. These clouds can form independently (alone), in groups, or along a cold front in squall lines. This creates a cloud of lightning through the heart of the cloud. Cumulonimbus clouds form from Cumulus (Cumulus Congests especially) and can be formed again become Supercell, a huge lightning storm with its own uniqueness.
This cloud is very dangerous for the flight for several reasons. The first is the process of vertical draft or vertical movement of air that occurs in the cloud. This vertical movement can rise (updraft) or down (downdraft), and the process is actually common in the cloud. Bumping that occur when the plane we were riding into the cloud also caused by vertical draft. On CB clouds, the process is much more powerful, and the resulting turbulence can throw the plane stuck in it.

The Particles

Other factors that harm is CB cloud ice particles that can freeze aircraft parts, including engines. And because the ice particles also, CB cloud is one of the most frequent types of clouds produce lightning that can disrupt electrical systems and aircraft navigation. That is because of CB cloud tops can reach 60 thousand feet, then the Pilot will generally choose to avoid these clouds to the side (jet aircraft generally fly at an altitude of 30-40 thousand feet, or about 9-12 km). The cloud becomes a threat to the process if it is on a flight path of aircraft landing. Because of this kind can lead to cloud formation and microburst wind shear.
Wind shear is a change in wind direction and speed that occurs suddenly. While microburst is wind crashing down and fell to the ground which causes the difference or deviation strong winds. Microburst capable of producing more than 100 MPH winds and can cause significant damage.

Remind the Tragedy

Cumulonimbus cloud is one of the greatest types of clouds. Cumulonimbus clouds dangerous if they are on track to land a position, because it can make the most severe wind shear or microburst. It's been a few accidents in the United States because of microburst.
Cumulonimbus clouds faced by the Pilot of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 also remind us of the tragedy of the current Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 crashed into the cliffs of Mount Salak, Bogor - West Java on last May 2012. In addition, Airplane of Lion Air crashed in the waters of Bali coast on last April 2013 and were also identified because of Cumulonimbus clouds.
On the track where the plane lost contact stated there were clouds are thick enough 48 thousand feet or 16 thousand meters. "The pilot believes crew (QZ8501) in an attempt to avoid the storm by adding height and turn left, but they were too late to pick up speed".
ASEAN weather can be change very quickly on December to January, Cumulonimbus clouds can suddenly ambushed while still considering the Pilot or ATC (Air Traffics Control) waiting for permission to turn around.
In other facts that was in 2009, Air France AF44 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France. "They had a stall (aerodynamic stall), and it was as a case in the loss of Air," as quoted from the AAP.
Airbus A320-200 flight used a sophisticated aircraft. With these thoughts, he argued lost its contact this plane simply because of the extreme weather.
"The aircraft is 'caught' by the pull of cumulonimbus clouds. Because of the speed is too slow in height at the time, when the air pressure is quite thin, so that the wings can no longer sustain them. The aircraft experienced a stall."

The Effects

Possible effects of adverse weather avoidance include:

  • Pilots may be unwilling to execute a turn, as instructed by the controller to avoid conflict, due to proximity of adverse weather
  • Pilots may be unwilling to descend due to proximity of adverse weather area.
  • Pilots setting a heading or altitude not expected by the controller
  • Pilots changing the assigned heading after clearing weather (CB) without informing ATC. In general pilots request deviation from the planned route due to CBs but sometimes, when clear of weather, they turn back to their planned route without prior notification to ATC.
  • Increased communications with pilots
  • Increased communications with adjacent ATC units to coordinate avoiding actions
  • Some flights may not be able to follow missed approach procedure due to thunderstorm areas near the airport (APP/TWR environment)
  • Some flights may initiate a go around on final due to severe turbulence, wind shear, or a flooded runway (APP/TWR environment)
  • More requests to use a different runway for departure or arrival due to sudden changes of wind components in combination with wet runway and radar derived information on adverse weather on the climb out route, (APP/TWR environment)
  • Increased controllers’ and pilots’ workload
  • Reduced sector capacity - The complexity of the traffic situation (traffic demand, non-standard Routings, potential conflicts) may necessitate the implementation of flow measures in order to ensure safe ATC service provision during periods of massive adverse weather avoidance.

Well curious how the atmosphere when the aircraft enters this CB clouds? Here following the effects of CB cloud in a live record;

Another cloud types that are harmful to the flight (especially in Indonesia) is a Lenticular clouds, so named because its shape is similar to the lens. In contrast to cumulonimbus, Lenticular clouds are formed as a result of air flow through the barrier, for example mountain, which causes the vortex (Eddie) that make up this cloud. Lenticular clouds are easily recognizable from its shape is like a flying saucer (UFO), and usually we can observe around the mountain in the tropics.
Lenticular clouds can cause strong turbulence for aircraft flying close to the peaks of the mountains and unique, these clouds are generally favored by lovers Glider precisely because of his foster strong.

Atmospheric Phenomena

In addition to the cloud, there are also some atmospheric phenomenon’s that generally do not look flashy, but very dangerous for flight, for example Virga. Virga is precipitation or rains are not up to the surface because it evaporates in the atmosphere.
By the time the particles water / ice that falls from clouds evaporates, heat is absorbed by the process will cause the surrounding air temperature dropped dramatically and more severe, resulting in a very strong downdraft (microburst), which has the potential to produce extreme turbulence on the plane passing underneath . Although rarely observed from the ground (earth's surface), Virga can be seen at the time of flight, with a shape like a curtain that hung down from the clouds.

Feared Pilots because these clouds can make the engine and aircraft wing filled with ice. Cumulonimbus also composed of water droplets on the bottom of the cloud and drops of snow or ice crystals in the cloud top. There updraft and downdraft allowing circulation occurs. Friction cloud particles in them can cause electrical charge. This cloud is the only cloud that can generate electrical charges tornadoes. Natural phenomenon that often occurs as a result of, among others, the emergence of natural cumulonimbus lightning and thunder (thunderstorm), heavy rain, strong winds, and can lead to hail.

For more information's just find and read on Skybrary

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