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Because of the anonymity of the Internet, many thugs are able to extort money from others. Are you one of the victims?

Cyber Crime Extortions

These thugs created fake Facebook or Skype accounts and masqueraded themselves as beautiful women from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. They are actually triad members extorting money by getting women to seduce victims, and then bursting into hotel rooms accusing the victims of having affairs with their wives. The victims must pay up or be beaten. All of them paid up.
Once there was this engineer on duty in Malaysia. His company put him up in a local hotel. One night a beautiful lady, very well dress and was carrying a tray with two tea cups and a hot pot of tea. She knocked on the door and wanted to enter the room but that young guy said he did not request for anything and told her to go away. She did. He did not fall into the trap. For the Westerners who are new to Asia, it is common for some companies to provide you with free foods and ladies because they wanted your assistance.
Cybercrime is growing and use of cybersex videos to extort money is just the tip of the iceberg. Many victims think they are having cybersex with only one person because of the anonymity of the Internet. In Singapore, there were 64 incidents of cyber extortions. In 2013, it went up to 108 incidents. And the total population of Singapore in 2013 was only 5.3 million. What about cases in China, India, Indonesia and the US? It must be many times more?
Organized crime network behind global sex extortion incidents are growing every day. Very few of these criminal intimidations and extortions have been brought to court so far. When hackers activate the webcam, they can see you, and they can make sure your indicator light does not go on. Isn’t this the reason why there are so many victims?
This is a dog-eat-dog world and these thugs, hiding behind their pseudonyms they use the internet to cheat and deceive. Hooliganism is still a big issue. Crime is out of control in many countries. Only few would view crime and violence with abhorrence.
Exactly how far a desperate woman might go to find a mate and willing to betray her husband? Sex obsessed women are easy targets. They need men who are sexually experienced and know how to make them orgasm to satisfy their unnatural sexual urges. When they come to their senses, it is too late. They need to pay to get out of it. Cloaks of internet anonymity cannot help them anymore. Moreover, those thugs are dangerously schizophrenic.
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author avatar n.c.radomes
11th May 2014 (#)

By exposing the modus operandi of women selling sex, you did a valuable service of informing innocent businessmen on how they'll be robbed of money and valuables. Warning about this bad business must be posted in hotels. Laurels!

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author avatar pohtiongho
5th Apr 2015 (#)

Radomes: Thanks for the comment. I have not included commercial tour for sex in this post. Perhaps I must rewrite the whole story and include men's sexual interest on prepubescent girls.

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