Daniel Craig Puts the Kardashians in their Place! Brilliant!

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It's so refreshing to hear a celebrity with real talent and a real work ethic - Daniel Craig - speaking out against the prima donna, childish attention-seeking of the Kardashians, particularly Kim. Most Hollywood folks, those who legitimately earned their success, are too nice to savage the Kardashians and others like them. Daniel has spoken his mind and said what we all (at least those of us with brains) are thinking.

You Gotta Love GQ!

So, here we have it, our current James Bond speaking to GQ and, of all topics, up comes the vainness of the Kardashians! And how does our MI6 heartthrob tackle the issue? Well, how about an expletive more skilfully inserted into a sentence than a silenced bullet in the neck of a terrorist?

"F****** idiots" was the phrase I remember most. So simple, yet so elegant coming from the man who plays Bond! And what's better is what it represents: a backlash, hopefully just the start, from someone who treats their profession as an art and job, not a 24/7 reality TV show or constant attention whoring.

Trend and Anti-Trend

One of my earlier articles touched on the rise in idiocy and stupidity in many aspects of "celebrity" culture. No, it wasn't about Jackass, which, actually, has many moments of quality entertainment, albeit obtained at a very painful price by its performers! My piece was about the plague of those "famous for being famous" and their both their lack of both real ability and penchant for actually dragging and dumbing down their audiences.

But do the Craig comments in GQ represent something of anti-trend? I remember some time ago that Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasly in the Harry Potter series, took a humorous, though seriously accurate, potshot at the likes of Paris Hilton. Now, I care nothing for Harry Potter films and I'm not a fan of his acting, but his comments really made me think, nearly as much as Craig's today.

Hollywood can be a cavern of nastiness at times and certainly a jilted or offended Hilton or Kardashian could come back and bite a celebrity critic very hard in the butt. Then again, we tend to forget how nice and respectful people can be, even if it's overly so. What some celebrities say about "socialites" in private and in smaller circles may be very different to the silence or seeming indifference they exhibit in public.

I can only hope that more people start to stir the pot and come out against this depraved, moronic acceptance of twits like the Kardashian-Hilton mob!

Final Thoughts

It's often hard to see whether celebrities make trends or actually act out from trends already existing in society. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? I don't believe attention-seeking "stars" like the Kardashians cultivate everything about themselves and then hypnotise certain feelings and attitudes into audiences, rather than feeding what already exists emotionally in their fans. Likewise, I'm yet to be convinced that celebrity culture doesn't, in fact, heavily influence people to change the way they think and perceive the world and respond to it in turn. It's clearly a mixture of both.

So that bodes well for any anti-trend that starts to emerge. Reasonable yet charismatic individuals like Daniel Craig can encourage the general public to reject the kind of pointless showponying you see from Kardashians, yet I'm sure most people at some level already recognise it for what it is. And God help those who don't!


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