Dark Of The Night

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Terror has again stuck in the dark of the night. On a fall night again the chaos ensued brought on by the evil intentions of man.

Dark Of The Night

Once upon a time by the shores of Itchygoomy in the land of the Tweeterwill another harrowing story is about to begin. But unlike the fairytales of our childhood comes a more sinister tale that makes the Brothers Grimm's tales very tame indeed. "No not the buttons" cried the Ginger Bread Man. A more diabolical tale of woe and misery that continues to sweep across our time. Again, the terror of the night stuck. The carnage that ensued brings the world that much closer to another night of darkness.

The history of humanity is riddled with the aftermath of the evil that men do. Tale after tale are told through generations recounting exploits to defuse ticking time bombs of misfortune, grief and terror. So few have escaped unscathed only to have more fallen victims. But, as time marches on so many more are caught marching to the same drummer where the outcome has always been predetermined. It is as though they are steered by unforeseen set of circumstances into a funnel of lost opportunities, woe and misery.

The hand of fate that one is dealt is most always stacked against the aspirations, hopes, and dreams of a future free from want and woe. Where there is no hope there is no joy. Where there is so little time free from despair life has no real purpose. The drudgery of existing only to serve the taskmasters of fate continues day after day. So bewildered and perplexed but always knowing there is no chance of escaping the misery of it all. A life that has been rendered meaningless by the toils of the day. For millions the world over are herded like cattle into the stockyards of degradation.

For years now we all have been betrayed by the powers that be. No sooner than we see the glimmer of light of day the curtain of fate draws to a close cloaking us now is darkness all around. For many never will see that light of day. It is no wonder frustration abounds. Where people everywhere are hopelessly trapped by the curtain of fate that is draped covering all.

A dark betrayal has always played out though-out history where there has always been those who through their actions exemplified the very concept of what a perpetrator of calamity whose dark betrayals enslaved societies. Whether in ancient times through the 21st century there have been those who caused great devastation in their own time. They all have been hiding behind cloaks of deception and deceit knowing full well of what their diabolical plans lay ahead for others. But, in more recent times the onslaught of dark betrayals in the dark of the night has only intensified.

Whether we choose to accept it or not remains to be seen that a dark betrayal has readily enslaved humanity. The reality though is as plan as day. A tempest of indignation has engulfed our world. From the recent terror in Paris, to the poisons that flow into our waterways and float through the air, and the gluttony of man in their constant pursuit for more power, control and wealth have made it quite evident the dark of the night will cast the long shadow of hopelessness and despair. It seems the never ending travesties have only spread raining terror with mayhem around the globe.

What can man do to end the torment inflicted? With the hand of fate that keeps dealing card after card of deception and deceit. A fervor pitch of rebellion is all but set to be released. Though the boiling point has not yet been reached. But, as so often in the past the powers that be who deal from the bottom of the deck offer appeasements that for a short time cool the tempers that so often flair. This while under the cover of the darkness of the night where the cloak of deceptive evil is in place will surely prevail.


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