Disney's The Beauty and the Beast Opens in Theatres

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Looking for a good move? Check out Disney's new live action movie, "The Beauty and the Beast," opening March 17, 2017!


It’s St. Patricks’s Day and the new Disney live action movie “The Beauty and the Beast” is opening in theaters on March 17, 2017. And it’s expected to gross between $140 and $155 million in sales. But just how huge will “The Beauty and the Beast” come out this weekend? Will it top such popular movies as Marvel and Star Wars movies like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Star Wars: Rogue One,” and “The Avengers” films?

The movie, which stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast./Prince is about a young independent woman is taken prisoner in the Beast’s enchanted castle. She learns to look beyond his beastly looks while being stalked by a narcissistic hunter who wants Belle for himself.

If you loved the animated version of “The Beauty and the Beast,” this movie should melt your heart like the animated version did.

The Story

The story follows when the Prince is transformed into a Beast when he turns away a haggard old woman who offers a rose as payment. Warning him not to be deceived by looks, the old woman, a beautiful enchantress, curses the prince by turning him into the beast. He can be only be freed when he finds true love and who truly loves him back by the time the last rose falls from the enchanted rose.

When Belle’s father, Maurice, is taken prisoner in the Beast’s castle, Belle offers herself as a prisoner to protect her father instead. Belle begins to see the human side of the Beast, as she slowly starts to fall for him. But the vain hunter, Gaston, has his own desires to marry Belle himself.

Overcoming Gaston and his attempts to have Maurice committed when he learns of Gaston’s selfish need to marry Belle, and Gaston’s revenge for not giving Belle’s hand in marriage, Gaston manages to convince the villagers to have Maurice committed. The Beast releases Belle to save her father, but gives her a mirror to remember him by. When Belle spurns Gaston’s advances, he has her locked up with her father, but they escape when Gaston heads for the Beast’s castle.

Gaston barely has time to celebrate after he mortally wounds the Beast when he falls to his own death. The Beast dies in Belle’s arms, but as the enchantress enters the Beast’s room just as Belle confesses her love for the Beast. As Belle and the Prince, who has been turned back, kiss, the castle staff turn back into their human form as the castle is returned to its former glory.

The Prince and Belle marry as they share a dance in the ballroom by the end of the movie.

In conclusion, if you loved the animated version, you may love the new live action version. Check out the new Disney live action movie opening in theatres, March 17, 2017, “The Beauty and the Beast!”

Hope you enjoy the movie!!!!!


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