Distractions While Driving

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Number of car accidents is increasing. Most of the reason are using cellphones or other form of distractions.

distractions involved in fatal car accidents:

It is very alarming that the number of car accidents are consecutively increasing monthly.

I most likely hear elders say you cannot prevent an accident. I totally disagree with that, we are responsible for our own actions. Accidents are unintentional results of unreliable action of an individual, another individual or situation.

I guess it is best to say nobody likes to encounter an accident.

Here are some distractions involved in fatal car crashes:

1.Generally distracted or lost in thought (daydreaming)
You have found out that your ultimate crush likes you, well don't let it eat your mind out, you are not sure if she is going to like you if you lost your leg or arms. You can just save the dreaming in your bed or at the desk in the office.

2. Using Cellphone
This is a very common reason of car accidents. Refrain from texting or calling when you are driving. If you must talk or text, pull over. Or much better to let the incoming calls go to Voice mail.

You saw a sexy chick, avoid to gape inquisitively, that chick doesn't now you and wouldn't mind if you bump or not. If any person, action or event is on the road, make sure to get your focus back to driving again.

4. Other occupants, talking or looking at other people in a car.
Avoid to distract the driver like showing him photos and videos or let him listen a song. Keep from doing any actions that can cause distractions to the driver. You can talk to him especially if it is a long trip to avoid him from feeling sleepy.

5. Reaching or using of device brought into vehicle such as headset or navigator radio or adjusting audio or climate control
It is advisable to use bluetooth headset. Maybe you can put it on before you start the car or set the radio in advance before you drive.

6. Eating or drinking.
Always try to eat before you leave.

7. Using other device controls, such as adjusting rear view mirrors.
Pull over to adjust the rear view mirrors or the windows.

8. Moving objects in vehicle.
When driving it is very important to focus on the road and dont let any distractions come into your end.

Eyes on the road
Hands on the wheel
Mind on your primary task of driving safely



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13th Apr 2013 (#)

Good write. I think it is because of Cellphones and drugs!

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