Diverse Health Problems In Skinny People

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If you menduka that your body is slim ensure that you are far more healthy than the obese, you may be mistaken. Thin body does not mean you can not be exposed to such health problems experienced by obese people. Health problems in the thin, often unconsciously.

some of the impact of health problems on the skinny

Such persons obese , health problems padaorang skinny like diabetes, heart disease , osteoporosis may also occur . Apalgi if the thin one is the one who always maintain their weight by restricting calorie intake without doing any physical activity at all .

In a study in Univeresita Michigan , mentioned about 50 % of the 5,440 study subjects to those who are obese , and obesity is known to be metabolically healthy , while 23.5 % of participants with normal weight had an abnormal metabolic process . The present invention is also reinforced by other separate studies published in www . Nature.com , also said that the person who always exercise have better cardiovascular health regardless of their body size .

With the power of the two studies above , there is no guarantee that having a healthy body is skinny . Because without this sport can not guarantee the results of their diet can reduce disease .

In that study were also presented that , people who lean without exercise had higher levels of total cholesterol , LDL ( bad cholesterol ) and apo B concentrations were comparable with obese people who do not exercise . Therefore , health experts always recommend a balanced diet techniques with other lifestyle . Health problems in lean people will increase , if they are also on a diet the excess of food , so without them knowing they are deficient intake of antioxidants and vitamins that contribute maintain their endurance .

Why Health Problems In Skinny People Can Be Great ?

Based on a study of 800 people to see the levels of fat in the body , seen that more than 45 % of women and 60 % of men with normal body mass index BMI ( 18.5-24.9 ) shows the amount of body fat in a very extreme at all . The term is often disebukan as thin outside , fat inside . And this is more dangerous . The main cause of this is , excessive dieting without adequate calorie burning .

With this incident , believed to diseases such as diabetes and heart are also very likely to be one of the classification of health problems in people skinny . And which is worse , it is sometimes not realized, so they often do not take preventive actions to prevent the disease .

Prevent Health Problems In Skinny People

The good news , flab is not something that may not be eliminated . Low-calorie diet memangbisa be one alternative , but take the time 3-40 minutes a day to exercise is one of the secrets have a healthy slim body . If you're skinny , do not just believe in scales , but try to do a health check once in awhile .


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
29th Oct 2013 (#)

Thankfully I am the healthy one but need to increase my intake of diet which is low due to poverty.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
29th Oct 2013 (#)

Very informative. And it's nice (as a not-skinny person) to see some health risks for the overly thin once in a while. Dying is a natural part of life. Chances are, we are all going to do it!

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author avatar joyalariwo
30th Oct 2013 (#)

Fashoin is the culprit, its obvious that it dictates what we wear.
one must be skinny to get in2 those fab clothes and its no rocket science really.
Skinny doesnt mean healthy, thanks Epirella 4this article a lot of people really need to sink this in ...... deep.

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author avatar epriellia
30th Oct 2013 (#)

yourwelcome joya, completely unwittingly 1 fashion one major factor that caused this .... without them thinking the impact and risk of what will happen if their diet is hard

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