Domino's Pizza death threat and Pulse Point CEO Sloan Gaon's "pet peeve"

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Should my former employer the American fast food giant Domino's Pizza be held accountable for an apparent death threat one of it's employees has made against me?

And is it just a coincidence that Sloan Gaon, CEO of the American digital publishing company that recently unilaterally terminated a special publishing arrangement I had with his company is now identifying "cheese creepage" and "an unbalanced final product" pizza delivery as his pet peeve?

American pie and prejudice joined by Atlantic bridging bigotry

I have received an apparent death threat from an employee of Domino's Pizza, one of a number of private and public sector businesses, churches and other entities that are the object of my on-going, wide-ranging capitalism 'rihabilitating' project.

Others entities include British Telecom, the technology giants Apple and Google, the UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

In July Paul Coles, a Norwich, Norfolk-based driver with the Surinder Kandola owned DPGS Limited, trading as Domino's Pizza, sent me a Facebook message featuring a photograph of a tombstone with the initial of my first name and my last name, fully spelt out, on it thus: "J Campbell".

After mulling over the matter for some time, partly because I did not want to escalate things and partly because I was puzzled by the previously petty racist-remark-dropping Coles' apparently more 'mature' malice, I reported this apparent death threat to Norfolk Constabulary.

During an interview with two female police officers who visited my home (on or around September 20th), I was careful to tell them that I think it very unlikely that my former Domino's delivery driver colleague Coles came up with the death threat gimmick on his own.

I was careful to point out that there is a history between Domino's and I, because in March 2012 I initiated a capitalism "rehabilitation" effort against Domino's, which led to me being fired by the company - unfairly, in my opinion. (After a rather protracted process, Employment Tribunal judge Robin Postle ruled that DPGS-Domino's acted fairly.)

Prior to that, I had been a signatory with other Domino's drivers to a petition started by former employee Dale Miles, asking the Kandola franchise to increase the petrol allowance that he and the rest of us were being paid.

The inadequate petrol allowance, which had not kept pace with increased petrol costs was particularly burdensome to driver Michael Smyth, who identified with my campaign openly.

Others, like Coles, were more discrete in their support, fearing reprisal by the company. At least that's how I interpreted Coles' behaviour.

I was also careful to tell the police officers that I had initially listed Cole's previous, persistent, petty racist abuse among my grievances when I brought an unfair dismissal claim against the millionaire, politically well-connected businessman Kandola's company.

I subsequently dropped that charge because during preliminary hearings, the evidence I had of Coles' previous, petty racial stereotyping and harassing comments (mainly via Facebook) was either challenged by the Employment Tribunal as inconclusive or fell outside the time limit stipulated by the relevant legislation.

Made to fight the case on my own, because Stephensons Solicitors LLP ruled that it would not assist me because my case stood less than a 51% chance of success, I decided to focus my efforts on the main unfair dismissal charge.

In addition to the demands and pressures of that case, I was also dealing with the financial and emotional consequences of unemployment and attacks on my online presence - including on my Paypal, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo email accounts.

I published a number of articles about these and other challenges on a blog I had with US-based citizen journalism website, a tributary of the New York based digital advertising company Pulse Point.

But my relationship with Allvoices-Pulse Point was effectively terminated, in very suspicious circumstances on August 18th, 2014.

On that day, all the information about my campaign to reform DPGS-Domino's Pizza that I had posted and stored on the Allvoices platform - including in an award-winning article about then US presidential aspirant Mitt Romney's political suicide, or 'Talibank thinking' - virtually disappeared.

The termination of my partnership with Allvoices-Pulse Point followed several months of complaints I had been making to the publisher about evidence that someone working with or close to it was seeking to undermine me and my work, especially an intellectual property-related human rights abuse campaign I had initiated against the Barbados government.

Some of the frustration I had been suffering in my interaction with Allvoices-Pulse Point, which eventually prompted me to report the company to the US Department of Trade, is attested in an article likening my predicament as a freelance journalist to the beheading of freelance war correspondent James Foley by the terrorism perpetrating and publishing Muslim organization ISIS.

And from my point of view a comment on the Pulse Point website by its CEO Sloan Gaon has much in common with both ISIS' self-justifying rhetoric - and with the petty, humanity diminishing, dismissive racist reasoning in which the Domino's driver Coles excels.

The comment, which I discovered on or around, 2 October, rounds off a brief summary of Gaon's professional career with what on the surface appears to be a light-hearted personal insight, as it reads: "One of his pet peeves: pizzas with not enough cheese on one side because the delivery guy carried the pie on a slant, a common cause of cheese creepage and an unbalanced final product."

In the circumstances it is difficult to resist the conclusion that the "delivery guy" referenced by Gaon is not a stereotype but this writer, who Gaon, like Coles, Romney and others would stereotype unkindly.

It is difficult to resist the conclusion that Allvoices-Pulse Point has overplayed their hand, arrogantly.

I have also put this matter before the police.

To be continued...


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author avatar Deepizzaguy
7th Oct 2014 (#)

It is a shame that a huge company like Domino's Pizza is offended by your right to exercise your right to free speech. I was almost canned by Domino's Pizza for making a "gay joke" that I thought was harmless. Manuel Noriega must be laughing at Americans from his jail cell in Panama.

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author avatar Intelek Int'l
8th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks for commenting Your Deepness. A couple questions:

1. Why Noriega? I favour Stalin, or Chairman Mao, myself.

Are you still employed by Domino's.

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
8th Oct 2014 (#)

I am a native of Panama via the former Canal Zone.I am an American but my parents are from Latin America.I retired from Domino's Pizza after Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans region in 2005 to take care of my mom who fell ill from the effects of the Katrina. She went to her Maker in 2009.

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

good post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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