Donald Trump And The Three Stages Of Truth

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The conspiracy against Donald Trump has now been laid bare for all to see.

Donald Trump And The Three Stages Of Truth

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

That quote or similar in German is widely attributed to the philosopher Arthur Schoepenhauer. Although he did not actually write those words, many people will agree with the sentiment. A newly discovered truth is unlikely to be popular, and may be ridiculed. The idea that a solid object is mostly empty space is not easy to grasp without understanding something about the structure of matter. The idea that mental illness does not exist may be a difficult proposition for a depressive to accept. And so on.

There is though nothing difficult much less metaphysical about the Trump presidency and some of the claims the President has made. In March last year, Trump caused outrage and amusement in equal measure with his claim that the Obama Administration had wiretapped his campaign. The NSA’s James Clapper denied any such claim emphatically, and Trump was portrayed as paranoid or simply an idiot.

It was though his use of the word wiretapped, and only that, for which he might be criticised. Wiretaps are not used anymore, and the NSA has never needed to tap people’s phones when it could simply monitor them electronically, something that has been going on since at least the 1970s.

We know now, at least those of us who have read the relevant documents know, that Donald Trump’s claim was not speculative or an educated guess, rather he had been informed by Admiral Rogers of the NSA that Trump Tower had indeed been “wiretapped”.

The most recent revelations are that at least one spy - read agent provocateur - had been infiltrated into the Trump camp as a pretext for this unlawful surveillance. In fact, between that, the fake so-called dirty dossier and the ongoing Russia hysteria, every claim the President has made appears to be true. In addition to James Comey - who Trump sacked - James Clapper has retired from the NSA and John Brennan has retired from the CIA. Brennan has been identified as the probable leader of the coup (if one does not include Hillary Clinton), and Clapper as the leaker-in-chief. Clapper has now found himself a lucrative sinecure as a pundit for CNN, surprise, surprise. After the truth about the Trump campaign spy could no longer be denied, Clapper went on TV to tell the nation and the world this drastic step had been taken not to spy on Trump but to protect him. Yes, you guessed it, from those pesky Russians. Incredibly, he managed to say that with a straight face. So we have gone from laughing at Trump to anger at him to agreeing that heck, he was right all along, but we must trust the intelligence services, it’s the Russians who are our enemy, not those Americans in high places who subverted the Constitution and the rule of law in a brazen attempt to remove an elected President by framing him as a Russian agent.


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author avatar Glenn Addington
28th Sep 2018 (#)

Well said. The vitriol and hatred directed toward this president is unprecedented in modern politics. Those intent on their schemes and maintaining their power are angry that things didn't go their way during the last election. Anyone who approves of the incessant attacks and fault finding should be ashamed - though their nature and character is such that shame isn't in their vocabulary. Those of us who believe in a judgment after this life are certain that it will not go well for these whose intent is the destruction of America and all the dirty work they have been responsible for.

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