Downhill Endurance Body, Do not Blame the Weather

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The rainy season came back. Without the dark clouds accompanied timeless cool breeze and hot dry weather replaces previously present.

The rainy season, often accompanied with immune deficiencies

The rainy season came back . Without the dark clouds accompanied timeless cool breeze and hot dry weather replaces previously present . Splash water shortly drenched roads and forcing users to take shelter .
The rainy season , often accompanied with immune deficiencies . Though the weather can not be entirely blamed for the decline in immunity .
" It definitely affects the weather resistance of a person's body . But the magnitude of the effect is not the same , depending on the health status at the time, "says internist caregiver health consultation Compass Health dr . Irsyal Rusad , Sp.PD. , MH on Wednesday ( 10/30/2013 ) .
Good health status is certainly able to block the bad effects of the rainy season . But on the contrary , poor health status will decrease the body's resistance so easily hurt . Irsyal said , it is not difficult to increase endurance .
" Immune system does not suddenly become good . Immunity can be maintained and improved through a healthy lifestyle , " he explained .
Balance nutrition habits , working hours, rest , and exercise undertaken earlier , determines the quality of endurance to face the rainy season .
Ershad suggested to increase the share of consumption of fruit and vegetables during the rainy season . Consumption of fruits and vegetables simply prepared as much as 5 servings a day , is sufficient as a source of vitamins and minerals . Both the content is an antioxidant that can increase endurance .

Besides fruits and vegetables , consumption of other foods should contain enough protein , fats , and carbohydrates the body needs . Fat and protein , Irsyal said , can be obtained from fish , white meat , tempeh , tofu , and nuts . For processing , Irsyal suggested in the form of warm and soupy , so it can be more comfortable for the body .

Rain should not alter the pattern of exercise and rest which has been routinely undertaken . Exercise allows the body to get enough physical activity to maintain a healthy body . While allowing sufficient rest at the body regenerate and form new cells .

The rainy season , also could not be a reason for excessive consumption of supplements in order to maintain stamina. " Consumption of supplements does not necessarily improve the immunity . Excessive consumption is dangerous to the body , " said Irsyal .
Irsyal exemplifies vitamin C is often consumed as a supplement . Although the body needs as an antioxidant , but vitamin C is not required in high amounts . Daily requirement of vitamin C in the range of 50-70 milligrams , less than 500 milligrams .

" Instead of supplements , better consumption of many vegetables and fruits . Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals , so the benefits to the body feels , " he said .


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
1st Nov 2013 (#)

We do not have a rainy season persay here, but the change in weather from hot summer to fall has brought a lot of rain and a lot of allergies and sniffles. You're right that immune systems need to be improved, but it is so much easier to just blame it on the weather!

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