Duties of a good Christian

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This is not a pitying account to make us weep, but to think that anyone of us may fall as low as this any day. As good Christians we're obliged to give a hand to those that need help most.

Duties of a good Christian

I guess you meet many people like these when you walk past them in the streets. If you are a generous and a person with heart of gold, you most probably give few coins whether it's in their hand or cap to continue with your walk to wherever you're heading to -to work, shopping or to meet with friends.
However, and as a man who ended up begging in the streets, said “Before you give alms to a beggar, look to them and greet them good morning”
This person may be in need of some money to shop for bread or to be able to sleep in a cheap and lousy boarding house, which is most probably what they will be able to afford at the end of a day, but they also need to hear some kind words from someone. They also need that a passer looks to them in the face.
By sparing few minutes on one's busy day, to talk with any of these people, we'll most probably know what he or she really needs and, of course, we'll know why this person ended up in the streets after having been a normal person like you or I.
This man, of whom I read his personal account on the newspaper, is 68. He loves The Beatles and the sea among other things. He worked as a caretaker in a public building for several years, but several operations on his knee and an unexpected redundancy left him without a job at an age that is almost impossible to find another job. On top of this, he found that he was in debt with the Social Security for an amount of money that for some people would be peanuts, but he was unable to pay. This is the way he found himself wandering in the streets of the big city with his suitcase. He didn't have anything to eat for many days. At first, he was scared of having to sleep rough. On one day, he met other beggars that gave him some food, cigarettes and a survival guide to live in the streets.
He found difficult to get a place in any of the municipal shelters, because there's a long waiting list and they have to wait for at least three months.
He approached Caritas (*) for help and to be able to talk to someone.
I'm not writing this article to make you cry with such pitying account, but to make you think that the line between well being and sheer poverty is very thin. One may think that one is fine because one has a job to provide with a regular income and, therefore, with a place to live in, but remember: the line between well being and sheer poverty is very thin, especially on these days when the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider and wider as the days pass by.
This man said that no one looks at those who are sleeping on the ground or in bank branches entrances. It is as if they don't exist for passers. They are invisible people.
Again and as this man says, “before you drop some coins in their hand or cap, look to the them and greet them good morning”.
Spare some minutes to talk with them and to know their story. You'll most probably find out that he or she was like you some time ago.
If you are a good Christian, you are to help instead of weeping or looking to the other side as if they didn't exist. They do too.

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6th Jul 2016 (#)

This is great to read. Thank you, Vicky!

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