EENDAG opening sequence a hit

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The opening sequence for the EENDAG video novel is quite a work of memorable art. We asked the creator Marius Macrobius of Mooiflieks about it.

EENDAG opening sequence a hit

"We certainly needed something new, fresh, and yet familiar," says Marius. "Something colorful with a catchy tune and an inviting feel, asif to say come-on, we invite you into this adventure and we know you cannot resist the urge to come share in the great epic we have in store for you."

Well the MooiFlieks team has certainly succeeded in that. Why the dreamy look?

"I love the dreamy look. It is asif you are already some way into the adventure, and now your brain is processing it in your sleep or something. That is what dreaming really is. You're dreaming about what you have taken in in real life. So, this dreamy sequence makes you re-enjoy what you have already experienced, and tells you that even your mind is telling you it is having a blast with this whole EENDAG experience."

How was this technically accomplished?

"It is mostly just simple bluescreen work. It's Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski filmed on a bluescreen and then turned into black silhouettes, composited onto colorful graphics and imagery."

"The scenes depicted are elements of their adventures in the EENDAG video novel series. Riding a motorcycle, rowing in a boat, having some interaction with the Kronobot. There is also dinosaurs in it which depicts the time travel element, as dinosaurs represent a time before time in this instance. There are also some chess pieces on the screen for a few moments, and these of course symbolize the game Kevin has to play in his life, trying to outwit the evil forces that are trying to corrupt his life and his creations."

Well this is certainly a fun artistic piece to watch. And the song is quite catchy, bouncy, and a pleasure to play.

You can enjoy the video here.


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