EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING

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EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING

EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING

EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING
First of all I must say that 13 of the 15's more, it's a lot. E 86.67%. It's so hard to get the percentage, be it budget, surfaces or involvement in any grade.
Okay, back. After you have successfully completed last night (minimum 13 correct answers) 8 questionnaires to all, today at 09.15 I lined up at the counter 6 of the Traffic Police Department of Bucharest, namely that white building from where you Udriste bead up and numbers, but also where you surrender your license is suspended after that got you fixed radar 7 months ago, now fixed radar is illegal. Good, 09.15, tail, Udriste. 09.30 get in front, teach passport and proof, wait a minute, I hear "you 48 remember this number, now go and wait in front of the building D". Take evidence and bulletin, repeat 48 48 48 search and find building D, I sit on the bench and wait. Besides me, gentlemen and ladies in line, and they expect. 48 48 48 I repeat, they repeat 35, 51, 46, each of which has received. Some are questioning, others praise her time when new figure, that no blunt when he took the ferry did deh so much ... as in school. 48 48 48. We emotions as the license, damn. Gotta get it, if not for pride, even not to go through that again. Not that it would be bad, but I'm sleepy, lazy and did an hour tram ride up here. Ten point in front of the building D appear Mr. sergeant badge (I forgot his name, I remember only had his great name tag) and Miss Codita (ponytail, long blond), we gather as chicken and we i say to follow. 48 48 48. We go quietly in single file, we stop in a heap at the entrance hall with those banks d-country school with wooden desk. Surveillance cameras around. We take the row "Number?" Pofiti bank on the second turn right at the wall. And so on. I? 48. Aha, the first bank will please to aisle. "103 in the village? But where will grabeati, the disco? "My companion badge funny jokes. What had I nush as nus makeup instead are natural cuff pillow, wearing a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt range. Finally, I forgive you, as I put in the first bank. I like the first bank, reminds me of middle school.
Booon we all sit quietly, close, but again, close the mobile phones just let the bank bulletin, lest his name wrong when we anecdotal testing. 48 48 48. "We are here to give and to promote recovery of the theory test driving license. Those who drove a motorcycle at the time of committing the offense, to raise mine ". None. "Not you, lady? Are you sure? "Jokes badge with a lady 60 years, and permanent round head, strategically placed in the last bank. Haha, we all laugh, row by row complete the exam sheets, questionnaires we share is kick off the clock. Great on a PC screen 386 in '98, probably. 19.59. Quickly scan your questions, shit, it's one d-ala difficult to respond at length, check, mark off carefully with X does not exceed the response box, it is considered a sign and I kick my teacher, sorry, badge. I finished. First! Lift up your eyes on the clock. 17.25. I do wonder in his eyes forward, beckoning me to stay. And stay. I count my nails. From left to right and vice versa. I read the label on the conversion. Look, write Converse. And so. Shit, if I were them I write more. Gen a story or something. 15.45. Oh I know, I can read the label on the bottle of water. They say it's good for babies. Patch looked through my answers and gives head somehow. Is it good? A third student from bank raise mine map. "Gent officer, I was wrong, I filled your answer to question 4 to question 8, now 'what?" I was shown the door. Sigh, take their passport and proof and threatens us and see us tomorrow. 9.23. Cam everyone checked, less lady bikers, off the end of the pen. Also include wet nails. I look at the ring. It's pretty hard. 48 48 48. Please take me as I can not stand waiting another and that's why tomorrow. And wait. Miss Codita I do and I get to sign to sign something, such as accept to witness. Accept, how not, who knows when I might need a ...
00.00 "Everyone pens down, my colleague will go to collect the questionnaires. They check on the spot, with the help of witnesses shall immediately communicate the results, who earned 13 or more waiting to receive proof signed and stamped, who takes no evidence untouched and return back tomorrow or when he's reign, to give the test again . "I understand, to traitz. Are invited to chair, on the right Mr badge. Start evaluation. Cutarescu. Present. 10 correct. We are waiting for tomorrow. Cutareanu. 15. Bravo, Mr. ("That day comes two weeks, and I took him like 15" whispers my accomplice badge). Lady with curly hair can 9. Well, lady! By tomorrow, I say. Mine, ultimu as deh, eream witness. Before you put the grid above responses, looks at me and says, "You dropped one harder ...". 12. Not 13, how to get up and never set foot there as sheep living. 12. How to come and tomorrow. Iara wait 19 minutes. 48 48 48. Bai, one hit ... if there's hell. I go out in the yard, beat me on the shoulder champion 15 of 15 "Let and I failed at first ...": ((
Leave quickly before I fuck a purse in his brain smart 15 of 15 hundred percent as it were.
Tomorrow take over again. And today do tests, more tests, one after another, let me go and say that tomorrow, yes if and tomorrow little, nush a shit what you do that to me mentally.
So it's hard, people. 86.67% is even more.

Life as a platouas with everything. Only for gourmets.


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