Earthquake lights, UFO or Drone?

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In earlier times, if it wasn’t a plane and it couldn’t be identified, then it was a UFO. In just a few short years, we’ve added a new word to our vocabulary…Drone.

What’s lurking in the sky?

It was a typical late winter’s eve, unusually dry for our region, making it easy to identify the large lopsided big dipper, appearing so displaced amongst the stars. After a night at the movies at my older son’s house, we said our goodbyes as my six year old stepson and I headed off for home just a short distance away. It was more or less a straight shot down one main road that traveled past a Navy service base; then one right onto a side street and you’re there. As I was leaving my sons, I had just turned off the side street and onto the main road, when I noticed two large objects in the sky. At first they looked like some kind of fire ball, glowing bright colors of orange, red and yellow.
Quickly, I realized they were in motion. They started out slightly lower than the street lights, though larger in size than the street lights. At one point they resembled a funnel with all the various vapor colors; then it changed into an oblong shape as it spun in odd formation. For an instant, it was almost like catching a child in the act of misbehaving; they stopped midair, as if they noticed I was there and quickly started descending.
From the moment my six year old and I noticed it, we were excitedly speaking to the other; “what is it? It’s a fire… wait, no it’s flying!” Once the objects began moving, I quickly pulled off onto a side street and leaped out of my car heading to the passenger’s side to get a video of it with my new unfamiliar phone.
By the time I started recording, they were just a couple of flickering dots in the sky, with one disappearing completely out of sight. Still, I kept recording until I began feeling something above me. It was that feeling one feels when you think someone is staring at you; I turned my head up quickly, lowering my phone in the process, snapping a great shot of my rear car bumper. Just above me was another one, seemingly moving towards me. My heart beating rapidly, fright setting in, I recorded a quick shot and hurriedly ran around my car, leaping in with one jump. My young son was talking a mile a minute, “Get out of here! Let’s go, go! Drive!” My hands trembling, I began driving, repeatedly saying “I think we just saw a UFO,” hindsight, probably not the best choice of words for a six year old to hear, as it riled him up even more.
Once I arrived home, the first thing I did was call my older son. There was no need to tell my husband, as our young son was already frantically telling him in elaborate detail. The next day, I uploaded it to you tube and posted the video on face book for my friends to see.
A few days later, a friend called asking if I had seen the local newspaper in her town, which was twenty miles from where I lived. She said it featured an article about an older man who had witnessed the same thing I had; only two hours earlier in the evening. Like other news Medias, they too had an online presence, giving people the opportunity to comment. Needless to say, many comments were rude and ridiculed the poor old man. So I commented in his defense, that I too, witnessed the objects and had recorded a video of it. The next thing you know, the newspaper featured my story and I got all the ridicule…not exactly what I had in mind; though I was happy he would no longer be bothered.
Some comments were educational, such as the one about the possibility they were earthquake lights. After researching the topic, they were similar in description, but the lights I saw did not have the same flight pattern as earthquake lights. However, just two days after the event, a sizable earthquake did strike, causing a major land slide near where the old man lived.
Shortly after I witnessed the phenomena, I noticed the topic of drones began airing frequently on news stations. That sparked my interest, so I began researching drones. It made sense…both my sighting and the old man’s sighting were near naval bases. So far, all the photos I’ve seen of drones, do not appear similar in appearance to what I witnessed, but then again, the ones I saw were in-flight and it was dark outside. Nevertheless, I tend to lean toward the drone theory.
Whatever it was I saw, I suppose, will remain a mystery and will be categorized as a UFO, short for unidentified flying object, which indeed, they were.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
18th Jan 2014 (#)

Ya, probably not the right thing to say to a child, but for sure at the time you just want to say it to somebody I am sure! Interesting experience.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Kinman for this share. UFO's always raise a controversy. In a way like God Almighty, unless we see Him in person there is an element of doubt in anyone, just! siva

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