Ebola: Governmental vs. Civilian, Treatment & Interests

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Right now, government and civilian Ebola protocol is evolving to continually higher levels. As they should?
However, are they doing the right things? Are they doing enough? Fast enough? Is there equality in the protocol and treatment of the governmental, military and civilian populations? What are some possibilities that can come from this? What are the emerging potentials? What must we do now?

Government vs Civilian treatments & protocol: What can we read from this?

Military: troops quarantined for 21 Days.
Civilians: 21 day self-monitoring.
The government has to maintain its robust character by retaining its military abilities to stay in control.
Therefore they will implement, within its members and ranks, the real required protection, treatment and protocol to assure this.
It will be necessary for them to be prepared to handle new potential crises that may arise if Ebola became a real global pandemic.
When the real global pandemic hits. Ebola or otherwise, something that really causes a large population drop and all global governments will be shaken and some will crumble. Those that maintain their structure will not only increase their chance of survival but may see fit to take advantage of opportunities that arise through the disruption and weakened state created in other countries by this process.
In the U.S., martial law will be implemented in the process. Many Americans do not fully understand what that means. Zero rights for civilians, military rule, no more declaration of independence, no more private ownership of anything, full governmental control of everything. If you don’t believe it you haven’t really looked. By definition: A dictatorship. Everything in opposite of our beliefs. And don’t think it’s not possible that, if these events unfolded, once past the event, those in charge might not just decide, at that point to keep ownership. Not considering that as a potential possibility may possibly be naive.
Consider how the civilians in the U.S. are being treated differently. So far, a 21 day self-monitoring quarantine in the local populous. The World Health Order says it should be over 40 days to be safe. If they do not implement the same exact protocol for civilians as the military. What does that possibly say? What could governments around the world possibly gain?
Most global governments will implement the required protocols to protect their officials, their immediate families and their military forces. It is a part of their responsibilities. They have prepared for this with vast long term facilities and provisions for themselves in case of global catastrophes. The strongest will come the other side.

Fact or fiction?

Am I writing fiction here?
Is this some kind of made up conspiracy theory?
Or is there some sense to the madness? Enough that maybe it should at least be thrown out there?
It seems that way to me. I don’t want any of these things to happen. The thought of the reality of these things are horrifying! I have lived through all kinds of global dilemmas and damning predictions in my years on this rock. I’ve never given any of them any real credence. And now, what am I even thinking? Really? I don’t like it.

Some things to ponder

A large majority of the population just wants to live their lives as best they can. It is hard enough to do just that. They feel small and insignificant. Like they can’t make much of a difference any way.
In countries where people are allowed to be a part of the voting process, there is often concern on how the whole process is handled and how much integrity there really is to the system. And then…It seems that voters often have to decide between the lesser of evils. There doesn’t seem to be as many opportunities for us to vote for anyone that really excites us with confidence.
In the U.S., for now, we have a dysfunctional failing government. Our deficit is spiraling out of control. One side is always in conflict with the other. It looks like we’re just a nuisance to Isis. It seems we aren’t making any real, comprehensive progress on any front. Actually, the opposite may be true.
We are coming to election time. I sure hope someone great comes out of the wood work for us to have great faith and confidence in. Someone that the world can also see as a great leader and are able to feel good about America again.

So whose fault is it?

In America, we were founded on “We the people”. So I believe we should really start by each looking at our own part or lack thereof in the process. Fact is: If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem!
As I mentioned earlier, “A large majority of the population just wants to live their lives as best they can. It is hard enough to do just that. They feel small and insignificant. Like they can’t make much of a difference any way.”
And “It seems that voters often have to decide between the lesser of evils. There doesn’t seem to be as many opportunities for us to vote for anyone that really excites us with confidence.”
As I write this, I have to admit I am in some ways guilty to what I am saying. At the very least, most of us are.
We are just not doing what it takes. We’re supposed to be in charge and we’re not. For whatever the reasons are, we have not, in a long time and are not now, individually being responsibly involved.
Our good core values have been a long term compromise. Our roles have become diluted.
We are in this situation because “We the people” as individuals, the major majority of which, have been, for whatever the reason, living our lives in some kind of imaginary bubble.
We have to stop the denial, stop the excuses and take back control of our lives and our future. Get out and vote. Generate debates and discussions at every chance. Start now with the people your are currently in communication with and reach out to anywhere or to anyone that may make a positive difference. Use social media and the internet. Take an interest and part. Support and get behind every good movement and candidate. Expose the wrong and lift up the truth! Make some time!

The 5 minute rule

(This is actually a great tool that has applications in many areas we need addressed.)
The only way to ever succeed at anything is to take the first step. Move in a direction. Often, starting the initial movement is the hardest part.
Most people are over loaded with responsibilities. It seems most of us have a list, part of which has been on there for a long, long time. And even though we really want to get to these things, we know that the chances are small because of the size of the ever growing list and where they end up falling as a priority.
In this position, we prioritize based on a few factors. One of which is time.
The ones that take more time, when you don’t seem to have it, can get avoided to some greater degree.
If you went down your list looked at those items and scheduled it in for just 5 minutes it would be easy. Mentally and time wise. The funny thing is, you’ll find, at times, often more than you’d expect, you were able to somehow spend more than 5 minutes. Sometimes much more. This tool can be beneficial.
Please schedule at least two 5 minute sessions and at least talk to others about what is and what could be going on right now. Start the spark. You are important! You are not alone. You can make a difference. Together we will create change.

The vigor of youth

Right now, students in Hong Kong are once again making their voices heard. Historically, college age people the world round have made huge strides in reform and positive evolution. Voices to be heard, forces to be reckoned with.
Could it be because they haven’t hit that wall enough times to be tired yet? Haven’t been doing it for as long as those more advance in years?
Whatever the reason…It has to stop. We have the internet, for now. A way to find out we each aren’t alone. There are many. We have power. The ability to connect as never before. And now, at the 11th hour, we will use it! No more excuses!
We have to!

True power

We all need to give off, in abundance, that youthful explosive energy collectively. No matter our age. Together, it can be an almost nuclear fusion reaction. No matter what, movement in the right direction.
Support every positive thing and person everywhere possible, now. For most of the global population, no governments considered, the civilian people are very much the same. Globally, right now our numbers are staggering! It is time for the Human Family to really get to know each other, unite and take back our control for the health, safety, peace and future of us all.
I hope Ebola doesn’t make all that insignificant.


On specifically Ebola? Pay close attention to what is going on. Use multiple sources to guide you. Read between the lines. Scrutinize and evaluate.
Then make the right noise as loud as you can! Connect and amplify! Use electronics and hound politicians, spread address access, use social media, flash mobs, write articles. Be smart and creative but start doing something now. At least for 5 minutes….
Our governments and we all as individuals, must make immediate, hard, science based, intelligent decisions and take immediate, comprehensive actions. We need to understand that these hard decisions, the resulting possible collateral short term damage and the inconvenience/discomfort will be nothing compared to the real and present danger we are all facing right now. Money, politics, economics and emotions should not be part of the decision process.

A lot to do & little time

There is a lot to do and little time. If we ever wanted the incentive to act, we have it now!
Ebola, terrorism, instability, climate change, just for starters… Yeah…I think we finally may have the incentive.
My brothers and sisters, my main objective is to stir thoughts, escalate communication and foster us and our conscious unity. Peace, love, education and the potential for success. In that we have hope!
A short while back I heard the leader of the United Nations say “Guns kill terrorists, opportunity kills terrorism!
And more recently, a very important, brave and intelligent, equality activist, iconic Muslim woman, to whom we all owe respect and gratitude to, who was shot in the head by a terrorist for standing up for women’s rights, said “Don’t send bombs, send books. Don’t send troops, send teachers.”
While we may have to use some force to move in this direction the words above should be our goal.
Please, right now: take 5 minutes and share, reach out, spark, fan and grow united.
You are not insignificant, you are not alone and you will make a difference! Together we will create change!
Get to know your human family.
Only the best,
Please comment & share!


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29th Oct 2014 (#)

Awesome post and interesting piece as well!

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29th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern.
Your input is always appreciated.

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20th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting and well written!

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