Ebola 2014: Actions we must ALL take starting TODAY!

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We, the human family, are facing a common enemy that cross all divides. It dwarfs ALL other evils in the world today. WE must unite, self educate, take action and do it now! Lives are being lost while you read this and it is most likely heading your way!
I wrote this with pictures and graphs. I apparently don't know how to transfer them. Please do your own research.This is MOST important! To save lives, I am printing this as is, now.

Ebola 2014: Actions we must ALL take starting TODAY!

There are very few in our world right now that have not been, in some way, made aware of the Ebola outbreak that is occurring and growing exponentially right now. Only the ignorant and/or misinformed are not concerned.
I need to be clear, what you are about to read is not intended to create panic but to present information and allow each individual reader to use common sense and initiate everyone to do independent research. In the process, help making sure the global human family is completely aware of what is REALLY going on. In this process, we must stay connected, informed and diligently spread the word. In the process, work collectively to insure the required actions are taken to stop this NOW from becoming the global pandemic that very well could possibly, severely reduce our global population in the coming months.
This is one of the most serious situations that has occurred in the modern world and YOU have a responsibility to stay informed and insure all others do the same!
Before you read any farther, I must preempt this with: I am just one normal guy. My main objective to create an instant global wave of immediate, individual, self-education. Then, that every individual spreads this required process to everyone they can NOW! And that this pattern spreads immediately, globally, to all possible people on our planet. This needs to happen incredibly faster than the pandemic we are facing.
Please be careful of what you say. Encourage all to self-educate and fact check. Believe nothing until you have done so. Including anything I write here as well. Use common sense.
The governments and news agencies are creating a controlled spin on what is ACTUALLY going on. This is being done for many reasons. Economic & political are the two greatest factors. A lot of those in power are truly trying to protect those they are in trusted to and the very power of the governments they control.
Yet, this crisis is so much larger than the political and economic chaos/ramifications it can and most likely will create. We can all work together to get past those realities after they occur. The most important fact is, we must all still be here to do so!

Message to the human family

People all around the globe are most likely going to be exposed to information being reported on travelers who reached new destinations only to later be found out to be infected with Ebola. This will occur with increasing frequency in the very near future. I will be writing from the information and news coverage I have so far been exposed to from my area here, The United states. However, I ask you to use this information to apply to your home area. Learn to read between the lines! What is happening in each infected area may very well occur in your area as well. Use intelligence and common sense to stay informed, make sure others do so as well and take the required actions. Unite.

Information vs Misinformation

President Obama, just a short time ago, made the statement to the public “It is unlikely that Ebola will reach the United States of America.”
His responsible statement should have been “The Ebola epidemic is growing. While we are working to stop it, our efforts, so far, have been in effective. Its exponential growth continues. It is not a matter of if it will reach the United States but when. We must unite and together, prepare to make the very hard choices and actions that are required to save our country and even humanity as we know it.”

A few days later

Now it has been reported and confirmed that a man has, in fact, transported Ebola to Texas. He was non symptomatic when he traveled we are told. According to current reporting, he became symptomatic and therefore infectious a few days later.
The CDC has so far, been making statements that we should not be alarmed. They have isolated the 20 or so people he has come in contact with and that there is no cause for alarm.
Let’s see how this evolves.

Please consider the following:

His half-brother was interviewed today, 10/02/2014 on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer report and supplied some important information. He stated that his half-brother was sick for a few days. He suffered from the typical effects of Ebola: fever, profuse sweating, vomiting and diarrhea.
This is what this virus does to insure its existence and spread. It is spread by these bodily fluids.
It is also all over the news that this infected man went to the hospital because he was sick. He even mentioned he had been in Liberia and yet was given a prescription for antibiotics and sent home.
A few days later he was transported by ambulance, back to the hospital where he was diagnosed with the first known, recorded & verified case of Ebola arriving on U.S. soil.
The CDC is still, at this point, assuring us that we need not worry, they have it under control.
Please, I ask to truly consider the following:
This man developed symptoms. That is where we are told he became infectious.
He remained in that apartment for two days.
Again, he suffered from the typical effects of Ebola: fever, profuse sweating, vomiting and diarrhea.
This is what this virus does to insure its growth. It is spread in bodily fluids.

Read between the lines

Let’s mentally go on his journey from there…
In the apartment, he was cared for and exposed to its occupants. He expelled body fluids in all the ways described. This created an extremely high chance that he contaminated that environment, those there and those that have since gone there.
He headed to the hospital. He went out the door grabbing the door knob with his sweaty hands which also most likely, had been used to wipe the other excretions he was expelling. His thinking was unclear.
Were there hand rails on the way to the vehicle that others in the complex use daily?
He made it to the vehicle and then went to the hospital.
The vehicle: Touched the door handles, windows, steering wheel and seats….Where is the vehicle now? Who else has been exposed to it?
He was sick and weak…He entered the hospital. He reached the intake desk. If he stands, he leans his sweaty body on the counter or sits in the chair all others are exposed to as they too follow the required registration/triage process.
He is then told to wait his turn. He has a seat in the waiting room. It was reported that he was sweating, vomiting and had diarrhea. Who was then exposed and how many have SINCE and are CURRENTLY being exposed to these effects? Patients, those waiting with loved ones, staff? Who are they? Where are they?
He receives his evaluation in the examining room. They slide the blood pressure cuff up his arm. The same one that is still being used for everyone that is still being examined in that room.
He is then discharged and the process reverses. He goes back to the apartment complex and proceeds to get worse and therefore more infectious.
I’ll stop about him here. He will only be the first. Your country will most likely soon follow.
YOU think about this and draw your OWN conclusion.
I saw another show last night with a panel of experts. They were discussing the statistics. They mentioned that the main current outbreak is mostly in impoverished areas. Many are remote. They are overwhelmed already. Not enough staff and/or resources.
Many people in these areas will never be seen. Many are afraid for other reasons besides the virus. Having family members removed. Being isolated. Being treated as the plague themselves. Therefore they keep the illnesses in the family, a secret. They are scared. They also don’t really know how to truly follow the protocol to not infect themselves and others. Ebola strives for this.
They said, because of these facts, all the numbers we are currently being told are lower than the reality. They said the infected numbers are really closer to 20 thousand plus infected. They also said that because of the previously mentioned considerations, the percentage of deaths is not the circulating approximate 50% rate but far more likely around 70%.
They went on to discuss the rate of spread factors and mentioned that most factors being presented are between 2.1 & 2.4. But, again, because of the previously mentioned considerations, the actual factor may be around a factor of 3! Look at the charts again and draw your own conclusion.
They then went on with some rough math and stated that they believe we will be looking at about 400,000 infected by December 2014!
Please look at the already outdated charts below and come to your own conclusion. Please also look up your own!
(As I mentioned in the intro. I had charts and pics all formated in a word doc but can't seem to get them in this article. Please just google your own. If you email me, I'll try to send you a copy.)

Current travel precautions

Again, please use common sense in considering the following.
Up to a 21 day incubation cycle before any symptoms present.
Current travels measures: Check for temperature on travel departure and arrival.
These measures only insure the spread of this pandemic.
Terrorism is nothing to what we are about to experience globally if we each, individually, do not make everyone possible aware of the very real threat we are really facing! AND make sure we ALL make sure that we make EVERYONE else is TRULY aware of what WILL happen if we don’t act NOW!!!
Take a look at what this is doing to real people right now. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, the new born and the unborn…

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power. The human family is at stake and we need to unite across ALL lines!
What are the initial signs?
1. Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:
o High fever.
o Headache.
o Joint and muscle aches.
o Sore throat.
o Weakness.
o Stomach pain.
o Lack of appetite.

How do we handle the infected?
• Isolate the patient: Patients should be isolated in a single patient room (containing a private bathroom) with the door closed.
• Wear appropriate PPE: Healthcare providers entering the patients room should wear: gloves, gown (fluid resistant or impermeable), eye protection (goggles or face shield), and a facemask. Additional protective equipment might be required in certain situations (e.g., copious amounts of blood, other body fluids, vomit, or feces present in the environment), including but not limited to double gloving, disposable shoe covers, and leg coverings.
• Restrict visitors: Avoid entry of visitors into the patient's room. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis for those who are essential for the patient's wellbeing. A logbook should be kept to document all persons entering the patient's room. See CDC's infection control guidance on procedures for monitoring, managing, and training of visitors.
• Avoid aerosol-generating procedures: Avoid aerosol-generating procedures. If performing these procedures, PPE should include respiratory protection (N95 or higher filtering facepiece respirator) and the procedure should be performed in an airborne infection isolation room.
• Implement environmental infection control measures: Diligent environmental cleaning and disinfection and safe handling of potentially contaminated materials is of paramount importance, as blood, sweat, vomit, feces, urine and other body secretions represent potentially infectious materials should be done following hospital protocols.

Is there an effective treatment or vaccine?

Vaccine: There is apparently a vaccine in production that has great potential to help prevent the spread of this pandemic. It is not FDA approved and therefore had not been in use. This changed as this emergency presented itself. There is apparently a vaccine in production right now. However, it seems that production will not keep up with the timeline required and ensuing demand.
Left unchanged, only government officials, their families and the very rich will benefit from these options.
“A vaccine co-developed by NIAID and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and will evaluate the experimental vaccine’s safety and ability to generate an immune system response in healthy adults. Testing will take place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
This should be expedited to its highest possible potential.

Treatment: There is a treatment that has been used in advance of the FDA approval. It is called Zmapp. It has shown promising results in some of those who were infected and treated with it.
What is ZMapp?
ZMapp, being developed by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc., is an experimental treatment, for use with individuals infected with Ebola virus. It has not yet been tested in humans for safety or effectiveness. The product is a combination of three different monoclonal antibodies that bind to the protein of the Ebola virus.
Production hurdles to overcome:
We need to create the environment for global mass production of these products on the largest mass scale possible. We must make sure that the FDA or any other agencies are not able to hinder this process.
Another hurdle is that these companies that have spent considerable time, money and resources to develop these lifesaving options will want to protect their interests. Rightfully so.
However, the reality of what is knocking at our door right now requires us to make this proprietary information available over the internet “Free Source” NOW!
I truly believe these companies need to be appropriately compensated for what they have created. However, humanities existence comes first.

What must we do the help stop the spread?

Quarantine & travel protocol are our two must important tools that MUST be implemented NOW!
This will have huge ramifications! However, they are less negative than the alternative.
No non-essential travel
30 day quarantine for travelers.
Quarantine of whatever is required at whatever level needed.
Individuals, families, buildings, communities, cities, counties, states, countries, whatever is required!
If you think this sounds insane, consider the consequences!
Yes, this will cause incredibly large scale problems. The largest resistance will probably be governmental because of the instabilities and havoc this will cause. Again, consider the alternative. Look at the charts again. Do the math. Look at the incubation period.
Sadly, it is what it is!
Use intelligence, common sense, science. Do not consider anything else in drawing these most important conclusions.

How long will this last?

Only in my opinion from what I have read so far, If we implement the required protocols, this may run its course in months or up to one to two years. Research historic pandemics as some gauge of what we are facing. There is no definitive answers
I would not mind being branded in many of the ways I may end up being if my writing saves one person, one father, mother, son or daughter.
I can and hopefully would or will have to live with that. Live.
I am writing this to sound the real alarm and initiate self-education. A global grass roots, human family opportunity to come together across all differences we may have. A chance to come closer together and hopefully have a better future because this adversity brought us all closer together.
Newton’s law that states “For every action there is an opposite and actual reaction.”
What can we do to seize this opportunity and turn this incredible negative into an incredible positive future?
Please, do no panic, but at the same time, don’t be irresponsible or not act.
Encourage others through every possible means to do the same. This is an awesome opportunity to capitalize social media! We are greater collectively than individually.
Use common sense
Don’t be fooled by media or governmental agencies.
Read between the lines

Closing statement

In closing, as I started, I am just one regular guy. I am no expert. I have not verified what I have written here. I hastily wrote this and pulled what information listed above from the internet and from what I have seen on the news. I supplied “My take and interpretation” as fast as I could because I realize that every minute that passes is critical and lives are being lost.
I know this is real.
My intent is not to offend or panic, but to motivate, create self-education, unite our human family and save lives.
Only the best my brothers and sisters,


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Oct 2014 (#)

Absolutely you are correct, people who do not need to travel should not travel, but most people think that vacations are needs so if they have one planned they will go anyhow,.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
3rd Oct 2014 (#)

If you believe this to be true, please share it now and get the word out every way possible.
Everyone of us CAN make a difference. ALL of us TOGETHER can save the world!
Even after this is over there will be constant challenges.
Help change the worlds chances and consciousness and promote the HUMAN FAMILY.
It is time for the meek to inherit the world.
Thank you!

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14th Oct 2014 (#)

The recent case in Dallas, Texas is a wake up call for may authorities in the health sector int eh US, to be able to contend with an emergency like this!

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